World News – CA – Fudge promoted to Cloud9 League of Legends roster as new top laner


North American esports organization Cloud9 has officially welcomed its new top-laner to its 2020-2021 roster Ibrahim « Fudge » Allami takes control of Eric « Licorice » Ritchie, while the team bids farewell to one of its long-time members

Cloud9’s announcement comes as nothing short of a surprise, as rumors have been spreading across social media since last week.Following Licorice’s departure, the team planned to recruit talent from across the formation of the Academy The Australian League of Legends pro has shared his enthusiasm for the deal and will join the team for the upcoming Spring Split

Asserting his dominance is not an easy task… But this player has shown more than that After 2 Academy titles, Ibrahim has proven that he is ready to take over NA

As a professional player, Fudge has an impressive track record His story begins with joining Intuition as a member of the Oceanic Challenger Series In 2019 he played for MAMMOTH Academy, quickly being promoted to the list of MAMMOTH due to its highly ranked performance Soon after, he joined Cloud9 Academy earlier in January

In addition, he almost systematically reaches first place He notably won first place three times in the OPL and helped MAMMOTH to qualify for the Worlds in 2019 Although his team had an early elimination at the World Cup, his overall talent during this period still made a mark

The team have only won first place in the spring and summer since Fudge joined his roster

Jack Etienne, CEO of Cloud9, shared his thoughts on Fudge’s new role on the team « Fudge showed huge potential from the moment we picked him up, » he said. « Not only is he a competent player in mechanics, but he fits the culture of our team perfectly.Additionally, Jonathan Tran, General Manager of League of Legends, added that he enjoys watching Fudge develop as a player and looks forward to his future performance in Cloud9.

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World News – CA – Fudge promoted to Cloud9 League of Legends roster as new top-laner



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