World News – CA – GoOats Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?


ABC’s « Shark Tank » is an unscripted reality TV show where business is taken to a whole new level Budding entrepreneurs present their business models and expansion plans to a panel of industry specialists, collectively known as the Sharks, in the hope of securing funding that will help them make their dreams come true The interaction between tycoons and entrepreneurs, as well as the negotiation process that follows, results in very lucrative deals, teaching us how to do business. And each time, with new ideas arriving on the platform, the stakes for entrepreneurs get higher and higher Hoping to be a success here, as seen in episode 2 of season 12, it’s GoOats

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The story of the birth of GoOats is probably one of the best we’ve seen so far Nahum Jeannot, a graduate of The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, a private culinary school in Philadelphia, was the chef preparing for the grand opening of a Hyatt Regency when he realized he was missing some essential appetizers Everything had to be perfect and delicious, and somehow the only thing Nahum could think of was his mother’s oatmeal – her favorite way to start a new day

Inspired by this, he turned awkward, messy oatmeal into bite-size pieces by hand Their overwhelming success spurred him on to create more and ultimately become the Founder and COO (Chief Oatmeal Officer) of GoOats Oatmeal. Cocks To start his business, Nahum rented a food prep space in Virginia, near where he grew up, to perfect the bites and work on his branding. Then he brought up the SCORE District of Columbia, which originally offered free mentoring to companies like his, and went further.

Nahum and GoOats caught the attention of active professionals in the organization, who advised him to focus on the numbers. For two years he worked on business operations and marketing strategies to learn how to become a brand that stands out in the supermarket freezer, with a full understanding of costs, price reductions, and benefits And now, with his delicious oatmeal bites, which can be eaten anytime, anywhere, being a hit, Nahum’s initial idea of ​​having a healthy appetizer has made him an entrepreneur. prosperous

Which flavor would you choose? Cinnamon Apple, Cran-Walnut or Maple Brown Sugar? Let us know in the comments below 👇 #gooatslife #localatwholefoods #wholefoods #breakfastisaball #parentingtips #parentingwin #stopdropandmom #oatmealballs #oatmealtogo #quickbreakfastastrecipe #yummybreakfast #kidsfoodideas #deliciousbreals #planaheadeasy #

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GoOats products were developed by Nahum in four different varieties – apple cinnamon, blueberry, cane-nut and maple brown sugar – which are now available at 20 Heinen’s stores and 60 Whole Foods across 7 states in America, as well as on Amazon They are made only from steel cut oats, fresh whole milk, cane sugar, sweet cream butter and all-natural flavors rich in fiber, calcium, protein and antioxidants Absolutely no preservative is added to it

GoOats products can be stored in the fridge as well as the freezer, the latter being a better option for longevity and they can be baked in the oven, in a toaster or even in an air fryer, making them open to consumers according to their own tastes and preferences According to the GoOats website, Nahum is currently working on new flavors to expand his product line, for which he takes ideas from his market himself So if you have a contribution, don’t hesitate to contact him

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World News – CA – GoOats Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?



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