World News – CA – Macron accuses Lebanese leaders of treason following government failure


PARIS: French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday accused Lebanese leaders of betraying their promises on the failure to form a government following the giant explosion in the port of Beirut in August

In a rare press conference devoted to Lebanon, Macron said the political elite had decided to ‘betray’ their obligations and had committed ‘collective betrayal’ by not forming a government

Lebanese Prime Minister Mustapha Adib resigned on Saturday, saying he had not been able to form a reforming government

« They have decided to betray this commitment (to form a government), » Macron told reporters, saying he was « ashamed » of the country’s leaders

« I see that the Lebanese authorities and political forces have chosen to promote their partisan and individual interests to the detriment of the general interest of the country », he added.

He also sent a sharp warning to the Iranian-backed Shiite group Hezbollah, which was well represented in the outgoing government and some analysts accuse of delaying the process.

Hezbollah should « not think that it is more powerful than it is It has to show that it respects all Lebanese And in recent days it has clearly shown the opposite, » Macron said

Macron, who visited Lebanon twice in the wake of the blast, had repeatedly urged the Lebanese not to waste time forming a government

The August 4 explosion of hundreds of tons of ammonium nitrate in the port of Beirut killed more than 190 people, injured thousands and ravaged large parts of the capital

The disaster sparked further protests against corruption and mismanagement, prompting the previous cabinet to resign

AMMAN: King Abdullah of Jordan dissolved parliament on Sunday, officials said, which under constitutional rules means government must step down within a week, paving the way for November elections
In July, the Jordanian Election Commission set the 10th as the date for parliamentary elections after the monarch called for nationwide polls at the end of parliament’s four-year term

Lebanon, Emmanuel Macron, Michel Aoun, Prime Minister designate

News from the world – CA – Macron accuses Lebanese leaders of treason following government failure



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