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Arizona and Seattle will fight for N.. F. C. Western supremacy on a Thursday before a weekend full of interesting competitions.

Aaron Rodgers and The Packers take on one of the N’s. F. The. Most stifling. Face Tennessee and Baltimore in a battle of faltering contenders. Kansas City seeks revenge on Las Vegas, Pittsburgh tries to hit 10-0 for the first time in franchise history. There’s a lot to like about this week’s schedule.

Here is a look at N. . F. The. The eleventh week, with all selections made against the spread. While waiting for the action, immerse yourself in the possibilities of the next seven weeks with the Qualifying Simulator from The Upshot.

No team allowed fewer yards per match than the Colts (6-3), who also allowed fourth place in the fewest points in each match between N. F. The. 32 teams. Indianapolis identified opposing midfielders with a passer-by rating of 78. 9 – The best score in the league – He dropped 11 interceptions.

Only two teams had more average match points than the Packers, who were enjoying a magical season of Quarterback.. Aaron Rodgers threw 26 drops against just three interceptions, which led to N.. . F. The. – Leading Passage Ranking 116. 4.

The road to Green Bay victory is straightforward: Give Rodgers some time in the pocket and let him find wide receivers Davante Adams and Marquise Valdes-Scantling for a few shots at home. For Indianapolis, the key to keeping wide receivers quiet is to put Rodgers on the back early and more often..

It would be inaccurate to say that Colts ‘attack and Packers’ defense are not important in this game, and some breaks for any of those units can go a long way in defining the game. But the headlines are clear, and you won’t want to miss a single Green Bay pass, no matter how. Choose: Colts-2

In the closing scene of « Fight Club », where a series of buildings fall to the ground, the narrator looks at Marla and says optimistically, « You met me at a very strange time in my life. ». « This is the general feeling when Titans (6-3) visits Ravens (6-3), with both teams hoping to shed some recent failures and return to first place in the competition.. Baltimore has lost two of its three games since Farewell Week, and the team’s overwhelming foul strength has been suspended from 24 points or less per match.. Tennessee lost three of four, as midfielder Ryan Tannhill experienced the most visible contraction of his tenure with the Titans..

What does that mean moving forward? Nothing is possible. Baltimore still has a lot of talent on both sides of the ball and there is little reason to believe that the Tennessee attack could not return to a level of productivity that would make its mediocre defense so irrelevant.. But this week’s game will be about which team can do better than funk. This can easily happen either way, but with crows playing at home, they are the safest bet. Choose: Ravens -6. 5

The last time these two teams met, the Raiders (6-3) shocked the Chiefs (8-1) with their victory, 40-32, in Kansas City. . It was a classic case of a high-rated team surpassing a fickle competitor, and it made Las Vegas their division rival pay a heavy price for that indifference.. The odds that Patrick Mahoms and his fellow Super Bowl champion defenders will make the same mistake again are slim..

Mahoms told reporters this week: « Anytime you lose to anyone, the next time you play, you want to win the soccer match. ». . « We’ll be ready to go, I promise.

The Raiders score their most complete season win against Broncos last week, and under perfect conditions, they might be a true contender for Kansas City this season.. But with the bulk of the Las Vegas defense forced to sit down for a week of training due to Covid-19’s close communication protocols, slowing down bosses seems like an impossible task.. Choose: Heads-7

Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin described this game as a « trap game » and said he had « an absurd level of respect » for Jacksonville. Would anyone expect this to be a good game? No. The Steelers (9-0) dominate both sides of the ball, while Jaguar (1-8) has an inept defense and a rising midfielder in Jake Lawton who was not expected to play this season.. . So why make this one of the best games of the week? Because Pittsburgh has a good chance of becoming an N. F. The. First 10-0 team since 2015. Only 26 teams started a season with 10 straight wins. Six is ​​unbeaten for the regular season. Five finished with only one loss, nine with two losses and five with three losses. The worst team to finish 10-0 was the 2015 Patriots, which went 12-4. Choose: Steelers -10

Seahawks (6-3) relinquished their singles possession for 1st place at N. F. C. West with last week’s loss to Rams, the Cardinals (6-3) snatched their share of the lead thanks to DeAndre Hopkins’ impressive pass with Kyler Murray Hail Mary’s pass in the final seconds of their win over Buffalo. With three teams tied at the top of the West with 3-6 records, the stakes in this game are high.

There is no perfect team. Seattle’s defense handles every match as if it were a Pro Bowl, and Arizona’s attacking performance appears to swing wildly on a weekly basis. But there’s no denying that both teams are ridiculously enjoying watching them, and it can easily prove that this is one of the best games of the week despite being in a period of time on Thursday known for offering a dirty game..

The X Factor could be the Seattle attack version that appears: the first five games of the season when Russell Wilson appeared to run away with the Most Valuable Player award, or those from the past few weeks where Wilson threw seven interceptions over four matches..

The Seahawks are enjoying a 4-0 home scoreline – even without the home pitch advantage of wild Seattle fans – but that’s their biggest test there. If Arizona is at its best, this could be the game in which the Cardinal takes control of the West. Choose: Cardinals 3

Five straight victories for the Dolphins (6-3) put Miami into the frontline, and the team appears to be more impressive on a weekly basis. Last week’s win over Chargers was unexpectedly supported by rising full-back Salvon Ahmed and Miami could be stronger this week if Matt Breda manages to return from a hamstring injury.. The Broncos (3-6), after a brief flirtation, have lost three of their past four matches while allowing an average of 36 points per game in that period.. . Visiting Denver is never easy, but the surge of troops in Miami has to continue. Choose: Dolphins -3

This is one of the hardest games of the week to install. The Patriots (4-5) scored a shockingly convincing win over Baltimore that overturned public opinion that the team was a disaster.. Was that a one time off? Is this match, combined with the relatively close win over the jets the week before, enough to say New England is hot? Even a big win in this game won’t really answer that question because Texas (2-7) beat humble Jacksonville..

Dishon Watson is so good that it’s impossible to rule out a dominant performance in which he drags his teammates kicking and screaming to victory. But that’s less likely than Cam Newton and the Patriots who scored a win somewhat soon on the road. Choose: Patriots-2

Andy Dalton eliminated N.. F. The. Concussion Protocol and removed from Covid-19’s backup list, the Cowboys will have to start their sentence for this good luck (2-7). There is still a firm belief that Dalton, who was at one time a frontier star for Cincinnati, could capitalize on his team’s fortunes at wide reception and return Dallas to something close to mid-level.. There are few more defenses prepared to make the midfielder look good compared to the Vikings’ unit (4-5)..

Minnesota is the better team here regardless, they play at home and could actually improve by emphasizing the wide receivers Adam Tillin and Justin Jefferson more.. If this game is in Dallas, you might expect it to be close, but in Minnesota, the Vikings should swing. Choose: Vikings -7

James Winston is a lot of things, but the veteran player isn’t a bystander. He wins and loses matches, and he does so in a great way to watch regardless of the outcome. Winston’s 33-point and 30-interception season last year in Tampa Bay has been something of a legend, and while it’s very unlikely that the Saints (7-2) would allow him to be a daredevil anywhere with their attack, his presence in place of Injured Drew Breeze adds at least an element of uncertainty to a match against the Falcons (3-6) that would otherwise have seemed like a blast in New Orleans’ favor.. The conservative approach focused on undoing Alvin Camara is the safe way to handle matters. But when was Winston safe? Choose: Saints -4. 5

Carson Wentz hasn’t been the same since a knee injury ended the 2017 season early. Not bad the past two seasons, but any mention of his name and M.. . Fifth. s. The award has become a distant memory. This year has taken a very long step in the wrong direction and has been by almost every measure objectively bad. It wouldn’t be fair to blame everything on Wentz, because the injuries and incompetence were the result of a complete team effort. But Philadelphia’s grip on North. F. The. The worst division is mitigation, and if vultures are caught by giants, that would be somewhat embarrassing.

Braun (6-3) would do well if they ran the ball all day with Nick Chubb and Karim Hunt and let their defense take advantage of some mistakes. He kept the score low and picked up another win, just like Cleveland did last week against Houston. Choose: Browns -3. 5

Panthers midfielder Teddy Bridgewater injured his knee ligaments during last week’s loss to Tampa Bay, but for now it appears he will be able to start with the Panthers (3-7). That’s good news for the team who were building some momentum before last week and looking great until the game was turned aside in the second half.. Matthew Stafford is also expected to start with Lions (4-5) despite hitting his thumb in his hand..

The uncertainty with both midfielders makes this a neglect, with the benefit of which team can keep their player on the field for longer. Choose: Panthers -1. 5

A pair of no. 1 On all options, separated by more than a decade of experience, you will face the showdown when Joe Borough and Bengals (2-6-1) visit Alex Smith and the footballers (2-7).. Burrow clearly has a bright future, and Smith has had a great career, but this game may be decided by the health of the Bengals running behind Joe Mixon.. If Cincinnati gets its best runner back, the team’s attack could overwhelm Washington and win on the road.. If the Bengals team had to rely again on Mixon backups, things would get more complicated. Choose: Bengals 1. 5

The Chargers (2-7) have struggled to close matches this season, no matter how good they look at times, and it would be hard to say the squad has not deteriorated a bit compared to their pre-season expectations.. There are a lot of areas of concern, and it remains unclear if Air Bossa will be cleared of N. F. The. Concussion protocol, team defense can be much less intimidating than it usually is. All of this will be a concern for another week, when the Los Angeles Jets are not playing (0-9).. A Chargers team win is very likely, but team problems noticed late in the match make distributing big points risky.. Picking: Aircraft 8. 5

Anyone who claims to know what is coming from the pirates (3-7) every week is lying. Tampa Bay followed a 3-point performance against New Orleans by scoring 46 against Carolina. In those games, Ronald Jones II went from three wagons 9 yards to 23 to 192. This year was supposed to revolve around stifling defense and offensive consistency, but instead was defined by several weeks where the pirates looked unbeatable, and two where they looked really terrible.

Rams (6-3) don’t have as high equipment as Tampa Bay, but they are considerably more proportionate. You can reasonably expect Los Angeles to gain a fair amount of yards, both by air and on the ground, and for the team’s defensive attack – led by Aaron Donald – to put a lot of pressure on the opposing midfielder.. Will that be enough to beat Tampa Bay? sometimes. Choose: Ramez 3

A quick primer for those unfamiliar with bet lines: Favorites are listed next to a negative number that represents the number of pips they must win to cover the spread. Ravens-6. 5, for example, means Baltimore must defeat Tennessee by at least 7 points for its backers to win their bet. Players can also bet on the overall score, or whether the combined score of the teams in the game is over or below the preset number of points..

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World News – CA – N. F. The. Predictions for the eleventh week: Our picks against prevalence

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