World News – CA – Ottawa works to address child pornography as Pornhub faces media criticism, Trudeau says


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OTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is working with police and security agencies to crack down on sex trafficking and child pornography after a U. S.. . A newspaper report highlighted the activities of Montreal-based Pornhub.

« We are always very concerned about gender-based violence, exploitation of minors, child pornography, » said Trudeau on Friday in front of his residence in Ottawa.

« We will continue to work with law enforcement and security agencies and use all means to ensure that all Canadians are safe. « . ”

The New York Times researched the popular pornography website, which attracts billions of visitors to videos each month, including those alleged to involve rape and child exploitation.

A group of Canadian lawmakers recently petitioned the government to take action against Pornhub and its parent company Mindgeek for profiting from « mass sex crimes ». ”

The letter to Justice Secretary David Lametti followed an earlier letter in the spring asking Trudeau to investigate.

Quebec’s Public Security Minister Genevieve Guilbault said she was concerned by the allegations and hoped the police would investigate.

When asked if the site should close at a Friday afternoon press conference, Guilbault said she was concerned that another site would take its place if one site was closed.

Ian Lafreniere, Minister for Indigenous Affairs in Quebec and former police officer, said changes need to be made to help police officers conduct investigations and help victims remove videos from the internet.

The same recommendations were made in a report by the Quebec Select Committee on the sexual exploitation of minors on Thursday, Lafreniere, who is a member of the committee, said Friday.

The committee also recommended that the Quebec government make the necessary legal changes to force websites and other online platforms to collaborate with the police and delete all data related to victims of sexual exploitation.

Recommendations included changing the definition of “place” in the Criminal Code. It can be difficult for the police to act if the original crime took place in a different country or the website’s servers are in a different jurisdiction.

Mindgeek is based in Montreal but operates globally and jurisdiction is difficult to determine as content is hosted outside of Canada, said RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Caroline Duval.

She said the RCMP had discussed jurisdiction with Mindgeek over the Criminal Code and the Law on Reporting.

The RCMP’s National Child Exploitation Crime Center (NCECC) receives referrals for the sexual exploitation of children (CSE) from the US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Some of these reports are from Mindgeek (Pornhub), and each report is rated and edited.

The Canadian Center for Child Protection (C3Ps) offers content hosting companies a service called Project Arachnid Shield to remove CSE content.

NCECC works closely with international law enforcement partners to deliver notices to American and international corporations when jurisdiction can be determined.

PayPal stopped providing payment services for the company in late 2019, and credit card companies have been asked to do the same.

« American Express has a longstanding global policy banning cards from being accepted on adult digital content websites, » it said in an email.

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World News – CA – Ottawa works to fight child porn as Pornhub faces media criticism, Trudeau says



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