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Dr. . Albert de Villiers says the light at the end of the tunnel will grow in accordance with people’s compliance with PHO guidelines

Interior Health’s top doctor says it is time for people in the area to heed health officials’ advice as cases of COVID-19 in the area continue to rise.

On Wednesday, December. 2, Interior Health (IH) conducted its first Q&A in the media since the beginning of the pandemic, in which Dr. . Albert de Villiers addressed a number of uncertainties in the media and the public.

While de Villiers gave hints (or reservations) about what restrictions might look like following an update from the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) in December. 7, its predominant message was in many ways an echo of the PHO’s message, which has now been underlined for emphasis.

« People need to actually start listening, not just listening, and actually start acting on what we’ve been saying for a while, » said de Villiers, who was named chief MHO for the region in August.

The cases of the novel corona virus in the region have risen steadily since October. Although the COVID-19 death toll remains at three in the region, there have been 963 new cases since November. 12, one week before the current restrictions are announced.

De Villiers also spoke to the COVID-19 cluster in Revelstoke, which had grown to 46 cases as of December. 1 and connected the community cluster with several events – after Premier John Horgan said that traveling to the popular ski community was not necessarily primarily to blame.

Since the introduction of these restrictions, there has been noticeably more friction between some residents and the health authorities. The alleged threat from an anti-mask protester to an employee at Orchard Park Mall in Kelowna is one of several examples in the area over the past week and a half.

On Wednesday, de Villiers addressed some common misconceptions surrounding the virus itself and the restrictions in place on how to fight the virus.

For those wondering why public health guidelines are changing from month to month, de Villiers reminded that the virus is new and scientific understanding of its properties changes over time.

« To be funky, I would hope our advice is a little different now than it was in March because we’re learning so much, » he said, adding around this time last year when the COVID-19 was the first Mal was nothing took shape in China, and nothing was known about the virus – and much is unknown.

For those who argue that a mask mandate is a violation of individual rights, de Villiers offered an analogy.

« There are many other things that society expects of me. I need to wear a seat belt, this is not an option. I have to wear pants when out in public. This is not an option. It is true, it is my body, but I still have a responsibility to choose and to make sure we can keep everyone safe and healthy. ”

De Villiers said he and the provincial MHOs are meeting with Dr. . Bonnie Henry three times a week to stay one step ahead of the virus based on the latest science.

« It’s not someone’s opinion or a political agenda, it’s actually scientifically based and these are the recommendations we make, » he said.

Some residents have drawn comparisons between COVID-19 and influenza to question the need for current restrictions. De Villiers said, however, that the case data for each broadcast shows that we’re still getting worse with COVID by adding vaccines and a build up immunity to the flu has made it a tolerable risk over time.

« We need to make sure we stay vigilant and keep it out of our long-term care centers. We ensure that people are not hospitalized so that our health system does not collapse. ”

Public health officials are concerned that COVID-19 fatigue will or has set in, de Villiers said. However, the latest information on the vaccine front leaves him cautiously optimistic about the future as long as people follow the directions supplied.

« If we are actually doing what we are supposed to do now with a vaccine we should definitely get out of this situation this time next year, but hopefully by spring or summer it will be better and we will be relaxed and be able to go back to some of our usual activities, ”he said.

Dr. . Albert de Villiers says the light at the end of the tunnel will grow in accordance with people’s compliance with PHO guidelines

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World News – CA – « People Need To Start Listening »: IH Top Doc Fights COVID-19 Misunderstandings – Nelson Star
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