World News – CA – Ricky Gervais perfectly roasts privileged celebrities, ‘signaling virtue’


Ricky Gervais doubled down on his will to go after privileged celebrities, after Tom Hanks’ reaction to the elite comedian’s Golden Globe speech went viral earlier this year

The After Life star released a hilarious and sizzling shot of the elite of ‘virtue signaling’ who always flew in their private jets, with an unrestrained routine directed at the faces in the room in January

Much to everyone’s shock, and to the entertainment of watching us at home, the star took the stage for a seven-minute monologue that aimed at the stars and their privilege, their housekeepers who had the night off. , and the fact that they ‘went to school less than Greta Thunberg’, which caused a lot of memes – mostly from Castaway star Tom, whose expression was our chosen Twitter reaction gif during a few good weeks

Now Ricky has reflected on his monologue as well as the idea behind the fame, insisting that the word «  embarrasses  » him as he feels he is «  charged with something else. – while wondering precisely why Earth actors who claim to save lives are paid so much more than doctors and nurses

Speaking on the Stuff Of Legends podcast with Christian O’Connell this week, Ricky said: «  This year in particular people were really tired of the virtue of pointing out people how to live when they were still flying around the world private jets and have never done a day’s work in their life

« One of the first jokes was about the people in the room, they’re awake, so it’s a little ironic, these are the only three hours your poorly paid household staff will be able to sleep this week I have it all immediately presented the goods and this created a crescendo: « you are not able to lecture the public about anything, you have spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg »

« These are still jokes, but they are disguised as rants and I think people reacted »

Reflecting on the tension in the room during such a monologue, Ricky said it «  comes in waves  » – one being that no one wants to laugh at a joke and lose jobs because they have angered some executives, while others can’t really relax for fear of being next on Ricky’s list of monologues

He continued, “No one wants to be the butt of the joke; nothing I say is that bad I’m just following their public demeanor I always say it’s a sweet roast I could honestly say much worse things about them but I don’t want it to really get mean and for no reason, they still have to be jokes « 

As the creator of The Office mocked the main applause coming from all over the room, « where the agents and lawyers » were sitting, he realized that Tom was getting the viral moment of the night

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After Ricky’s joke that winners don’t hang around the night any longer with a passionate speech and to «  come up, accept your little reward, thank your agent and your god and f ** k off  » , the camera turned to Tom as he pulled his face quite uncomfortably

Ricky added, « The big meme was Tom Hanks: » Why is he saying that? « And people say, ‘Oh look, he’s on his big horse’ But when Leo DiCaprio laughed, people loved him for that

« I think people who laugh at a joke get applause; people say, « Oh that’s good they can take it » I think it’s in us that we don’t want people to be above If we think people are talking to us We even let people be privileged as long as they say, « I know I’m privileged, but I’m really nothing » we don’t like people to go « Yeah I deserve it, how dare you talk to me like that »

« What if we feel that, if we really think these people are starting to believe their own hype, we want to take them down by a point or two »

He continued, « I think it’s quite natural It’s lucky that actors are paid hundreds of thousands of times the salary of a nurse It’s just luck, c « Isn’t it really crazy? Why do we pay more someone who claims to save lives than someone who actually saves lives? »

Ricky thinks people accept that stars have money if they entertain, but it’s when they start speaking to audiences that it turns fans off

In this way, he insists that he will remain separate from the celebrity world in order to call him into his routines

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He said: « I have to be a stranger to remain a good comedic voice I must not be beholden to them, I must not be afraid of anyone in particular because they give me a job, which I am not because I create my own work

« So on paper I’m pretty good at being in the room with the richest and most privileged people in the world »

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World News – CA – Ricky Gervais perfectly roasts privileged celebrities who « signal virtue »



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