World News – CA – Ryan García has been accused of cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with Malu Trevejo


While singer Malu Trevejo can attribute her growing fame to her decision to become an open book online, she became involved in several controversies as a result besides making headlines for his pandemic birthday party in mid-October 2020, his potential relationship with boxer Ryan García also garnered a lot of attention – for all the wrong reasons

Paparazzi snapped photos of Ryan and the singer kissing outside a popular Los Angeles restaurant on October 24

While the photos seemed to suggest that there was an emerging relationship between the two, Ryan is already dating someone There are reports that he is engaged to a woman pregnant with her second child (he has denied being engaged )

Who is Ryan Garcia’s fiancée? Boxer is expecting baby with Drea Celina and he has spoken out against allegations of cheating

The 22-year-old fighter has had a relationship with a woman named Drea Celina, although he has never posted with her on her Instagram page before. She is pregnant with their first child together and it appears her date is. delivery by the end of 2020

Drea’s Instagram account is now set as private, but the @TikTokRoom page got a screenshot of her reaction online to the photos of Ryan and Malu

« Meanwhile I’m going to visit my family he tells me he’s training hard for his fight But IG SHOW ME THIS, » she wrote in an Instagram story of the paparazzi pics of Malu and Ryan engaged in a liplock « There are 7 weeks left before childbirth, and this piece of shit remains disgusting As he barely sees Rylie, his daughter with Catherine Gamez Ryan Garcia is a HORRIBLE EVIL HUMAN »

Ryan also posted a response to the viral photos, and he denied being engaged to Drea He justified his actions by saying he got « caught in the moment »

#MaluTrevejo is dating Ryan Garcia leaving dinner together at restaurant N10 102420 (YouTubecom / TheHollywoodFix for full video – Link in biography)

« I’m just clarifying some things I saw regarding Malu and Drea » he wrote on his Instagram story « Andrea and I are not engaged, but we were still trying to mend our relationship Malu and I went there as friends, and we got caught in the moment, but there is nothing there, i [sic] didn’t mean to hurt anybody this is my personal life, and I’ll never talk about it again « 

Malu also detailed her side of the story online. According to the @DefNoodles Twitter account, the 18-year-old singer claimed via a live Instagram that she never knew Ryan was in a relationship

« I met him because he was a very nice guy He was very nice And, yeah, he told me he had a child, but he never told me he was fiance And he never told me he had another baby to come But he’s a really nice guy I didn’t know « Malu said » But anyway, yeah I didn’t know he was engaged I texted him and asked him why he didn’t tell me, and he said because they are on and off « 

As Drea mentioned in his own post on the cheat drama, the lightweight WBC Silver already has a child with his ex-girlfriend, Catherine Gamez

The former couple welcomed a daughter named Rylie together on March 21, 2019.She is frequently featured on her mother’s page, and Ryan has also posted content online with her daughter

« No matter what I’ve been through, literally Disregard the past I want you to know that Andrea is really sweet super sweet It’s not normal for anyone to tell her that’s what ‘she deserves,’ Catherine tweeted in October. 25 « She’s an amazing woman and she helped Rylie too. I love everyone Rylie loves »

From their respective posts, it looks like the « Hasta Luego » singer and Drea are saying goodbye to Ryan for now

Ryan Garcia

World News – CA – Ryan García accused of cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with Malu Trevejo



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