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There’s no better time to discuss the horror genre than during October After all, it’s Halloween month – and most people, including horror fans, take the opportunity to watch copious amounts of horror movies But what if you can’t wait to watch some of the scariest movies ever made? How can you decide what this list is? Well, a new infographic has been created designed to collect the « 20 Best Scientifically Scary Movies »

The infographic was created by Broadband Choices and aptly titled “The Science of Fear” It appears they subjected a panel of 50 people to over 120 hours of horror movies, the all in order to decide which were the scariest Each individual had a heart rate monitor, and this monitor determined which movies caused the audience’s blood to pump the most As explained:

« Is there anything better than a night with the lights out and a truly terrifying movie that makes your heart beat faster? We don’t think so That’s why we explored the science of scared, with our experience to categorically find the scariest movies for your spooky movie night Our team studied Reddit’s review lists and recommendations to curate 50 of the best horror movies ever made, before submitting them to our topics test « 

The outlet explained in more detail the experience which spanned over 120 hours with some of the supposedly scariest films ever made:

« Watching every movie in 51 surround sound, our panel of 50 people consumed over 120 hours of the best horror movies, each fitted with a heart rate monitor to measure which movies got the most pumping. blood to find the ultimate horror movie « 

Interestingly, the number one movie to get to the top of the experience is the Sinister movie. The other nine top ten titles for “Scientifically Scary Movies” include Insidious, The Conjuring, Hereditary, Paranormal Activity, It Follows, The Conjuring 2, The Babadook, The Descent and The Visit

It’s an interesting list and experiment, the other results of which you can see from the infographic below:

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