World News – CA – Sergey Lipinets and Custio Clayton fight to draw, Xavier Martinez and Subriel Matias win


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Sergey Lipinets and Custio Clayton fought for a fiery draw in a solid tactical bout at tonight’s Showtime main event, with Canada’s Clayton upping his profile and Russia’s Lipinets trailing hard in the division crowded with 147 pounds

Lipinets (16-1-1, 12 KOs) was originally destined to fight Kudratillo Abdukakhorov in tonight’s interim IBF title fight – really just an eliminator in many ways – but Abdukakhorov didn’t could not resolve his visa problem in time, so ex-Olympian Clayton intervened promptly

The fight was a big request from Clayton, who did well in London 2012, losing in the quarter-finals, but had really done nothing as a professional for almost six years. And at 33, it begged the question of whether Clayton had perhaps been a little mismanaged in his career, or was he hiding for fear of exposure.

Lipinets, 31, is not an elite level fighter, but he is a solid second level guy, a former defending champion at 140 who was also solid at 147, and a big step forward. forward for Clayton But the Canadian passed the test tonight even without getting the W, showing off a good skill set and certainly making us wish he could have taken that step earlier in his career as there is no doubt now that he’s a pretty high level fighter

Clayton won a card with a score of 115-113, and the other two were tied at 114-114 Bad Left Hook had 115-113 for Lipinets, but it was only a tough fight to score, and the majority of the rounds saw the two men arguing

It was Clayton who fought really well late in the fight, with Lipinets maybe a little tired, that got him the toss He won the last three rounds on all scorecards of the judges, and the last five on the card from Tom Schreck, who finished with one of the scores 114-114 Even if Schreck had scored the fight against Lipinets, we would still have had a draw, and a perfectly reasonable one at that

This means the IBF situation remains pretty much where it was, except now Clayton is rightfully in the discussion, and not just replacing Abdukakhorov, who has already won an eliminator, for what it’s worth. IBF belt, of course, is one of two held by Errol Spence Jr, who defends that and the WBC title against Danny Garcia on December 5 on FOX pay-per-view

How did you rate this one? Did you have a particularly strong feeling in both cases, or is the even result totally right?

@CustioClayton lands some big punches in those early rounds, but never forget, it all starts with jabs #LipinetsClayton #PBConSHOWTIME picTwittercom / KgVNRgSx1C

Halfway home and @unionsamurai and @CustioClayton are locked in a back and forth #LipinetsClayton picTwittercom / 3KbexYMeTb

A very, very close fight, where Marrero was almost bowled over by dumbfounded hope Martinez in this 130-pound WBA eliminator

The scores were 114-112, 114-112 and 115-111 for Martinez, who improves to 16-0 (11 KOs) and showed real promise against a cunning and solid veteran, but also some holes in his game and some weaknesses in the rise in class

Marrero (24-5, 17 KOs) dropped Martinez, 23, twice in the eighth round, and really went for a finish, but to Martinez’s credit he held on, finished the round and fought well the rest of the fight

Marrero, 31, was increasing weight and coming out of his losses in two of his last three, including a fairly one-sided stint against Kid Galahad in February But he showed he was far from over, at least as a high level goalkeeper, and that he had the power and skills to compete at the new weight

Martinez showed a lot of poise in this fight, especially for a young fighter, and fought smart most of the time He was cut, he was dumped, and he recovered very well If you don’t weren’t already paying attention to Xavier Martinez, it’s time to do it

« I have the will to win and I didn’t want to lose I wanted to show everyone that even though I had been abandoned I could come back to win it, » Martinez said after the fight. feel like a lot of young fighters – some will fold, I didn’t fold it under that pressure I’m proud of myself I showed a lot of character with this fight « 

This one was interesting on paper, a chance for Hawkins to prove his quality as a 24-year-old prospect at 140, or a chance for Matias to bounce back from a fairly notable loss in February.

It followed Matias’ path, and very clearly Hawkins (18-1, 11 KOs) got off to a good start in the first round, but it kind of fell apart from there, as he didn’t ‘couldn’t deter Matias (16-1, 16 KOs), couldn’t control distance with his jab as he wanted, and also ate plenty of powerful punches and a few hard punches from the 28-year-old Puerto Rican, who instead dominated after the first three minutes

Matias seemed to be gaining confidence in circles, to the point that he walked straight towards Hawkins with his hands at his side, and there was nothing Hawkins could do about it. It was a fight where the losing guy took a lot more punishments that could have been clearly obvious; in the end, Hawkins had looked injured a few times, had been let loose in the sixth round (although it may have been an accidental blow to the back of the head more than a clean punch), and his right eye was pretty much closed

The doctor had already examined Hawkins, and when referee Johnny Callas asked him to do it again at the very start of the seventh round, the doctor advised the stop, which was the right choice.

Matias gets back into the junior welterweight race with this win Hawkins will at least have to get back to the drawing board He struggled with Darwin Price in his last fight in December 2019, which Hawkins won on a stoppage for knee injury while lagging behind on all three maps, and tonight he was beaten Competitive steps were not kind to him

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News from around the world – CA – Sergey Lipinets and Custio Clayton fight to draw, Xavier Martinez and Subriel Matias win



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