World News – CA – Slog AM: Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty, Nigerian Police Shoot Protesters, High Turnout In Washington


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Listen, I believe Donald Trump is evil embodied, but you gotta give the devil his due He sells a shit sandwich, but man he does a good job doing it

He campaigns, looks like the man, setting the narrative – the devil with the pandemic His campaign is running out of money, but he can use the news media to get his point across Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s ‘is hidden by preparing the debate and ceding the news cycle to it

The reality is that a significant portion of American voters are naturally drawn to the candidate who comes across as stronger and more charismatic, and Trump fully claims that ground

Oh, and how nice of Barack Obama to finally wake up from his sleep and deign to campaign a little for his mate Joe After only, what, a few tens of millions of votes were counted. guess we could push back on the fact that this isn’t really Obama’s campaign to run So hey, maybe he doesn’t need to campaign at all?

It’s really pathetic that the baddies, neck losers of this nation watch bully, lie, hysterical, racist, sexist, train failure like Tr666p and think it somehow represents manhood And they believe that women are too emotional to hold a position, jeezus

He and his loathsome GOPnazi sycophants are the embodiment of deceptive fake cowards who aren’t even fucked up on the shoes of upright men

As for Obama, he was the best president of our life and he abandoned us to profit from his presidency

A doctor’s duty to assist if she sees someone down the street, but Obama ignored our calls for leadership for years

No one is coming to save us – we have to save each other Vote all the GOPnazi ratfuckers, then make the Democrats do what is right

62% tax rate cnbc (and others) reports are lazy reports Report adds tax rates on different types of income, as if all income is taxed
Biden’s marginal rate increase is 37% to 398% – that’s 28%

@ 7 I would say Obama won a vacation Eight years of uninterrupted racism, vitriol and obstruction thrown at him and he handled everything with dignity and class and without scandals or crimes committed I wish he had he was a more energetic president in retrospect, but it doesn’t matter Just like RBG, if our nation’s fate rests on one person’s shoulders then it’s a pretty crappy nation

3, not all press is necessarily good & press when the President’s traveling super-broadcaster event hits town when most people are doing all they can to avoid getting sick, it’s not a great look There is a difference between looking « strong » and looking like a reckless idiot who doesn’t care about anyone’s safety & I think this distinction is clear enough for most Americans now

This Tiffany Trump video was awesome, thanks for sharing Back in the days when she was in perpetual hiding, I always felt like she had a tiny bit of decorum, maybe even felt a bit of dignified shame at the behavior of the rest of his family Or maybe she was like that horribly disfigured third Olson twin that LAPD discovered a few years ago.

It’s actually quite refreshing to know that she’s just another idiot and vile, vain idiot like the rest of the clan Hope she starts making more public appearances

@ 3 no his rallies have been largely uncrowded failures They are also in smaller halls than 2016 and in smaller towns in Shitholeistan

blip @ 10, you represent how a reasonable person reacts to Trump rallies in the context of COVID-19 But that is not necessarily how a plurality of swing state voters react only to sound bites outside the context of COVID-19

And the reality is that in recent times Trump has made a dent in Biden’s national and national polls, and a similar phenomenon occurred in 2016 With all the hasty votes this year, it’s probably too little, too late, but similarly, this year Trump just needs to get close enough to the ballot count to be able to stage a judicial coup.

Plus, just because Donald Trump stands out as the worst president in American history doesn’t mean Joe Biden has the right to run a mediocre campaign.

@ 16: Not as much as in 2016, but it’s a lie to say that they are «  uncrowded  »

@ 14 « Trump tells Pennsylvania rally » nobody wants me « before cutting off the event and dancing off the stage at the YMCA »

This rally was outdoors at Erie Airport Less than 2,000-4,000 people are intentionally crowded together to look like more

Look I still think he will probably win But that has nothing to do with his rallies

Why? Easy: he’s the incumbent Stupid people are his base and stupid always double down And He gets free media coverage That’s all

And a good percentage of fringe whiners who remain will vote for a moon-eyed vegan For much the same reason: stupid people always double down on mistakes

15 polls are still tightening as the election draws near, but it’s not like we have to speculate on the mythical ‘concerned transitional state voter’ as a bajillion pollsters ask voters what they think about the president’s handling of the pandemic

I don’t know what you mean by ‘the right’ to bid to run a campaign that doesn’t match your personal beliefs about what a good campaign looks like It’s a weird year and a weird nomination, so whatever rules that apply to a typical election don’t necessarily apply now, and I’m not convinced they ever do since every election takes place under unique circumstances Biden has the right to lead the type of campaign he wants and so far it seems to be working well for him

@ 14 And I don’t know what you’re talking about – all things considered, we’re in a pandemic, remember? – the Biden campaign was damn brilliant For Biden, it’s

It’s ironic that Pope Francis is now more in favor of same-sex unions than most Catholics in the Supreme Court

« The most publicized posting to date of the federal government seeking to hold a large drug manufacturer responsible for a crisis of opioid addiction and overdose linked to more than 470,000 deaths in the country since 2000 »

Any word on the status of King County’s lawsuit against the same plaintiff? King County Alleges Opioid Epidemic Created by Purdue Pharma Has Made Most of King County Homeless People Addicted to Opioids It appears federal decision should help King County get help help for our homeless opioid addicts

@ 14 read @ 19 again – Biden crushed Trump in fundraiser Biden poll numbers have always been high Biden has more top Republican support than any Democratic candidate in the world ‘American history These approvals include the former member of his opponent OWN cabinet, FFS Biden has managed to avoid any serious big blunder, he has chosen a pretty solid running mate, his social media presence is incredibly tied to who he needs to be His ads are really good

Biden strategically shot and flanked Trump on just about everything Even that bogus email trick didn’t really gain popularity

The only thing I think Biden should do better is have a real health care and employment plan. Pound That Over And Over Connect It To Trumps Incompetence On The Pandemic

Aside from that, claiming that Biden ran a bad campaign literally ignores our doomsday context and the reality of what he has achieved so far

@ 18: « Look I still think he’s probably going to win But that has nothing to do with his rallies

« Why? Easy: He’s the incumbent Stupid people are his base and stupid always double down And he gets free media coverage That’s all »

I agree with you on the power of tenure The way the natural dynamics of the US presidential election work, it’s nearly impossible to defeat a tenured And I agree with you on free media coverage, but that’s exactly why Trump’s rallies are such a good thing for him They allow him to get his message across unfiltered through free media

@ 24 you are absolutely right that Biden does a lot of things right That doesn’t forgive him for the things that he can’t seem to do And the only thing that I fail to see of him is a feeling of energy and momentum Yes there is obviously the pandemic If he overtakes Trump in the debate and then has a great finishing kick I will be happy to say my concerns are unfounded

The things that kind of prompted me to post my @ 3 comment were:
A Trump is simply dominating the airwaves in recent days
B The polls are tightening, and how do we know that this tightening isn’t the 2016 tightening or tightening just enough that a Supreme Court with ACB can steal this election for Trump?
C If Obama wanted to go out and campaign for Biden, why has he waited until now?

@ 26C – Are we sure the Biden campaign didn’t want him to campaign sooner? Politics with former presidents can be temperamental

It’s a good movie, which has held up pretty well over time (not as well as other gems of its time though here is watching you Casablanca), but honestly most of its accolades come from innovations which are now commonplace

Anyone watching Citizen Kane today for the first time will say « I don’t understand why this movie is rated as the best film of all time » and rightly so. The unreleased directing and editing of that era is now a manual for all movies made today

Still, when it comes to the story alone, Citizen Kane isn’t bad, and I would recommend any semi-serious moviegoer to watch it But if you miss it, that’s okay

If that 626% is legitimate in CA, that wouldn’t even put them in the top 10 worldwide Sweden takes the cake at 76%
https: // fiscal foundationorg / taxing-high-Income-2019 /

And @ 8 – If you don’t click the link, the US is currently at 47% when you record sales, stats, status, payroll, etc.

The point is, you’ll never get Jeff Bezos on income tax Does he even have a salary? You can only raise this sheep with capital gains We need a new kind of tax for these billionaire ghouls

Now compared to a new West Seattle fossil fuel car infrastructure bridge, which costs $ 100,000,000 per mile, that’s a big part of the change

Trump used all of his campaign funds as personal ATM and the ones it was not spent by his former campaign manager ($ 40 million) Why would someone give him another dime? And if the GOP thought Trump was going to win, McConnell would pass a huge stimulus bill to buy the rest of the voters for the Senate That being said, Trump is clearly still doing everything he can to steal the election

There’s only one reason to do this They’ll destroy the mail in the ballots and don’t want the postal police to interfere

Never underestimate the desperation of a man faced with the rest of his pathetic and deranged life in prison

@ 33 I think the NYT headline is perhaps a more accurate summary: « best poll day since debates » Which is not the same as « tightening polls » Take a sample of stocks of variables and one of them will be larger than the others

If it turns into a trend and the trend persists, you can say « polls are tightening »

@ 24 Media covers Biden, I can see splooges of him all over the internet
@ 29 Sweden gets « free » health care

Okay on the comments on capital gains, but it’s also important to consider that most of the billionaires’ money is invested in business ownership (stocks) You can only tax these people on their salary or if they sell stock So you can’t tax Bezos on $ 220 billion, you can only tax him on his salary and what he decides to sell in a given year If he sells too much, his net worth drops because investors will be scared So let’s say he earns $ 1 annual salary and sells about $ 100 million a year in stock, he pays a maximum of 20% on those earnings C ‘ is all you can get out of him

Too many people have this misconception that wealth is limited So if someone accumulates a lot, there is less for everyone

When Boeing builds an airplane, it creates wealth that didn’t exist When Amazon sells a product, a small amount of wealth is created

If someone has created enormous wealth, that does not prevent others from creating it In fact, most of the time it is easier for others to create more Money begets money as they say

Well it’s better than $ 0 Also you might want to have a wealth tax for the carry charges

Money may be limited, but human capital and natural resources are not, nor time When an airplane is created, it depletes real capital, productivity and energy The will of the people is largely limited by relying on a system that keeps them just hungry and tired enough to stay put but unable to move forward because they are not being reasonably remunerated at the rate their labor produces for « wealth creators » Boeing doesn’t build a plane, the workers do, and the engineers design this plane and get plaques and pats on the back while their patents belong to mechanically reasoned extra-human bean counters.

@ 41 who decides what is reasonable? At present, competition for labor is the most important component of wages and if that fails, what is the correct answer?

@ 43 Wages may have increased in gross numerical value, but when scaled to GDP per capita income has actually declined since the 90s due to rising costs and inflation You could get a raise of 50 cents in a year, but depending on the commodity trade and how much you pay, you could very well lose money.

Even Adam Smith believed in social safety nets and reinvesting in people We have a sociopathic approach to basic concepts like sustainability and reinvesting in innovation by educating the masses and enabling competition and small businesses , not a massive centralization of wealth in the hands of 650 people who make all the decisions for everyone

Boeing wants to move Everett’s production to South Carolina because it doesn’t want to pay for the unionized machinist workers who faithfully make quality planes, they want to keep cutting corners to reduce the numbers, even if it ends in construction faults and death and lawsuits in the future Immediate satisfaction and total neglect is the root of the great depression and the real estate bubble It’s not like you can keep playing with people’s lives like poker chips in a video game

And, of course, you could play the stock market (which is based more on people’s feelings than actual company earnings) and compete with the insider traders at the top who deregulate themselves from there. ‘review and export all of our wealth but you better have the fee to pay your broker or you are not going to do shit You have to have this capital up front and for the layman which is almost impossible without huge risk We don’t even play capitalism like Trump says the game is rigged

And, you know, if we don’t want to buy the planes from Boeing, well, the government can just bail them out with our money into a pandemic and let everyone else who can’t work starve and die and I guess doing drugs, as long as it makes shareholders happy

How I cured my high blood sugar and hepatitis
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Translation: Pretend the last four years never happened! Turn on that Obama inconvenience syndrome and you’ll be fine! Because it’s a change you can believe in

@ 46: Your grudge against wealth and inequality will never be resolved to your satisfaction You must accept both as the dynamics of a free society and the imperfections of the human condition

Once you do that I think you’ll start to see better ways to make a positive impact in the world

@ 52 No it won’t, as long as the psychopaths keep it from happening The will is there If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t cheat, reject the ballots and wouldn’t threaten violence And you can’t even answer my arguments without talking about me, but I won’t take the bait this time It’s about the makeup of Congress and the fact that better solutions are in place and have been proven around the world Because they’ve tried literally everything else We know where it’s going

@ 52 The framers of the Constitution believed in forming an ever more perfect union and they really wanted to form the best possible society As citizens, I believe that we owe them and all those who fought for our rights the time of day to preserve this sacrifice, or die trying, as they did. a life to give, will I use it to get fat and happy, or will I try to make this world better for the future?

They not only accepted the status quo and shrugged their shoulders about the injustices they saw I still believe in something Otherwise, go throw groundhogs in the tubs

@ 56: Awesome That’s your opinion Other historians have said FDR or Reagan So let’s be objective

Oh Look Isn’t that cuuuuute! A baby sock puppet has just been born! Oh! He also has his daddy’s eyes and cleft palate!

Really just say Obama three times like candyman The trolls want to control the tone and the topic, don’t let them

It’s very difficult to take a new sock puppet seriously when it doesn’t use punctuation in its copy-paste

But suffice it to say that Obama was objectively the best leader in the Western Hemisphere of the past 137 years

For relevant Obama news, why not hear what he has to say instead of Feebs?

No I love the subject of the highly charismatic and competent Obama administration They did almost everything right

He could spell « hamburger » and « coffee, » walk a ramp, drink with one hand, not grab women by the pussy, prevent pandemics, cure fractured economies, kill Osama bin Laden, get health care of 30 million Americans and hardly ever told people to inject Lysol

It’s safe to say that Obama was the most effective leader since Julius Caesar Someday he too will have a salad with his name on it Just wait It will be a bone steak on a bed of gold leaf

Throughout the H1N1 pandemic, Obama was so strong he infected the flu virus, not the other way around You didn’t see Obama panting and panting like a stranded whale in need of medicine for socialized dead fetus to save it

No Obama was a man A fit and strong man Not an obese coward hissing like President Superspreader McBoneSpurs

It is a known fact that Obama was clearly and objectively the best world leader since Cyrus the Great Everyone agrees

See Even Feebs agrees that Obama is the best leader on planet Earth, ever He said it a thousand times at least

Ok So we’ve all definitely concluded and agreed once and for all that Obama is the most amazing leader in the solar system

You are fucking joke, Feebs Everything you posted here has been discredited as bullshit You have no credibility Fuck yourself forever in your imaginary heart You are not welcome here Enjoy the November 3 asshat

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World News – CA – Slog AM: Purdue Pharma Pleads Guilty, Nigerian Police Shoot Protesters, High Voter Participation in Washington



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