World News – CA – SNL Host Adele’s Transformation With The Sirtfood Diet Makes Fans Lose Weight


All eyes were on Adele for her animated « Saturday Night Live » concert this weekend, showcasing her seriously slimmed down physique

“I know I look really, really different since you last saw me,” the singer said during her opening monologue, “but actually because of all the COVID restrictions and travel bans, I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me, and that’s the half I chose « 

Over the past year, the 32-year-old singer has garnered both praise and scolding for her recent dramatic weight loss after posting an almost unrecognizable nude body photo to Instagram in May to celebrate her birthday, some fans panicked that losing so much weight is unhealthy

Adele’s transformation is largely attributed to the Sirtfood diet, a program founded in the UK and reportedly also loved by Pippa Middleton.The plan, which is often compared to the Mediterranean diet, focuses on the sirtuin protein, found in kale, extra virgin olive oil, buckwheat, blueberries and matcha, but luckily also allows dark chocolate and red wine The first phase of the diet offers the subject the possibility of losing 7 pounds in seven days, starting with three days of 1000 calorie limit, followed by four days of 1500 calorie intake, after which you can eat relatively normally – if it’s a dish full of Sirtfood, of course

Aidan Goggins, co-author of « The Sirtfood Diet » with Glen Matten, is delighted with the success of the curvy crooner

« Adele was a member of the private health club KX in London where Glen and I founded the Sirtfood Diet And then her 2016 tour coach Pete Geracimo encouraged her to follow the diet, » he said. to Post by e-mail But over the past year, friends of the singer have revealed to her that she is still strong on the Sirtfood diet

<p Even her treats were our exact recipe for Sirtfood Bites [chocolate bites made with cocoa powder, dates, turmeric and nuts] It was the epitome of the diet So we realized that not only was she still a fan of it, but she made us ashamed of the way she followed him to the absolute letter"

Becky Beach, 38, a mom blogger from Arlington, TX, has lost around 30 pounds since the plan began in December

« Her sudden weight loss inspired me – she looks amazing, » said the 6-foot-tall beach, who now weighs around 230 pounds, up from 260 After giving up on her beloved donuts, her Twinkies and the sugar in her coffee, she incorporated green juice, strawberries and kale into her diet and swears by the results “I was in the early stages of sleep apnea before, and now I breathe better, ”said Beach

Twenty-five-year-old Stephanie Alba felt exhausted from her pandemic lifestyle At 5ft 3in, she weighed over 200lbs, and mainly ate fatty foods, like meatloaf and mashed potatoes of land, while working remotely did not help “I felt awful – I had little energy and didn’t sleep well at night,” said Miami-based Alba.

As she scoured the web for wellness inspiration this summer, she recalls thinking, « Let me look for someone with my body type »

« Adele was someone who could be told, » Alba said « When I saw what Adele was doing to lose weight I wanted to try the diet too » She bought Goggins’ book three months ago and since she lost about 21 pounds She now mainly eats foods filled with sirtuins, including arugula, kale, parsley, ginger and turmeric, and says her skin has become thinner and more energetic « It changed everything, » she says

Despite rave reviews, dietician Sheri Vettel, of the New York-based Institute for Integrative Nutrition, who acknowledges the list of foods in the plan is known to have enormous health benefits, warns that the diet has drawbacks – especially in the first phase of 1000 calories per day

« Severe calorie restriction can be dangerous for some people, including diabetics, who may have blood sugar fluctuations This plan is not for everyone, » she said

« Adele would walk those red carpets with all this pressure, but I don’t think she lost weight because of it She did it for the right reasons, to be healthy for herself , and that’s what inspired me, « she said » She didn’t lose weight to be attractive to others – she did it for herself That’s what I wanted to do « 

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Adele Weight Loss

World news – CA – « SNL » host Adele’s transformation with the Sirtfood diet prompts fans to lose weight



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