World News – CA – The Rudy Giuliani scene in « Borat 2 » is worse than you might imagine


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Critics were asked not to spoil Rudy Giuliani’s scene in Borat 2, but, naturally, now the whole internet knows it

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, aka Borat 2, arrives on Amazon Prime this Friday, finds Sacha Baron Cohen again playing his famous character, Kazakh journalist Borat Sagdiyev But this time around, Cohen had the help of an accomplice to his more ambitious political pranks Bulgarian actor Maria Bakalova, who plays Borat’s 15-year-old daughter Tutar, leads a jaw-dropping interview with Giuliani, former New York mayor and the president’s personal lawyer Donald Trump

Giuliani clearly thinks he’s participating in a softball interview with Bakalova, who begins by admitting that she’s nervous to talk to « one of her greatest heroes » Giuliani laughs and promises, « I’ll go to you. relax “It’s an uncomfortable thing for a 76 year old man to tell a ‘journalist’ (who, by the way, is 24 in real life); but it’s not as uncomfortable as things are about to become

Bakalova asks questions like: « A little bit about China – as a national security expert, what do you think we can do to prevent this from happening again? » and « How many lives has Donald Trump saved? » Giuliani responds respectively: « China made the virus » and « Probably a million » He also coughs a little

Eventually, Cohen interrupts the interview by posing as a sound guy – obviously with a wig, fake nose, and acting Borat’s voice to boot. But even after this intrusion, Giuliani clearly doesn’t realize that Bakalova is in the know Or maybe he doesn’t care Anyway, the following scene plays out like a horror movie: Giuliani follows Bakalova into the hotel room for a « drink », where Bakalova carefully detaches their microphones Filmed via a probably hidden camera, Giuliani asks for his phone number and address Then he lies down on the bed Then he puts his hands in his pants

At this point, Cohen, clad in lingerie, bursts into the room shouting, « She’s 15 She’s too old for you »

Giuliani sits up with a start and, although not shown in the film, called the police shortly after, according to a report by Page Six

In July, Giuliani told Page Six: “I didn’t realize until later that it was Sacha Baron Cohen I thought of all the people he had fooled before and I felt good about myself because he didn’t understand me « 

Maria Bakalova

World News – CA – The Rudy Giuliani scene in « Borat 2 » is worse than you might imagine



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