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On Monday, Prime Minister Doug Ford was asked whether the results of the recent US election meant there was a possibility that. s. Reopening of the Canadian borders. Ford said he did not have this discussion with the prime minister but wanted to see the federal government move from the current 14-day quarantine of all newcomers to the rapid test of all arrivals when they get off the plane in Pearson.. .

To confirm, he added, “But I need the federal government’s help with this matter, and if they don’t want to do it, we will do it on our own, although it’s not our specialty..

A protracted national emergency will never be nice with a strict reading of the constitutional division of powers, and there is a principle like this: Toronto Pearson Airport may be the federal jurisdiction, but it is located in Mississauga. Many of the Ford voters live and work around it, and he owes them the best protection he can give them – whether or not it fits perfectly with the Slavery Papers from 1867..

But wait: Ford was asked Thursday whether Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should make more use of the federal government’s emergency powers: Specifically, Ottawa (the federal government) should send Ottawa (municipal and public health unit) money directly to respond to the pandemic Instead of first having to negotiate with regional mediators?

Well, dear reader, you will be interested to know that Ford thinks this is a completely different group of fish.

« This is not their specialty, » said Ford in response to a question from David Akin of Global News.. “We don’t need the educator country to tell us what to do.

(Ford leads a government that, in the name of fighting this pandemic, has intruded on some of the most private details of our personal lives: what social gatherings are allowed and not allowed in our homes, the practice of our beliefs, how we celebrate milestones like weddings. However, he is critical of a federal « babysitter state ». “Words fail. )

If there is a tenable principle at work in the Monday-Ford view of the correct constitutional order, it cannot survive Thursday’s call – Ford. Ontario’s are Canadian, too: If Ford owes Ontario people to his utmost efforts in the outbreak, Justin Trudeau owes Canadians his best too – courtesy should be damned..

Of course, this view of Canadian politics did not begin with, and will not end with, Ford. The provinces have been playing a game of « heads win, tails lose » with the federal government since at least Sir Oliver Mawatt’s era, and it will undoubtedly continue until the sun swells and the oceans boil, assuming we are still then elected governments in this country.

If the prime minister is amused by the idea of ​​funneling money into the accounts of local public health agencies to get around the boycott, it might be because it’s one of the only reasonable federal responses left.. I wrote near the start of the pandemic that people asking the federal government to use its emergency powers missed the point: This is a health crisis, and the provinces are best equipped to deal with health problems, because they already employ an army of doctors, nurses, and other health experts.. This figurative army, by the way, is much larger than the actual federal government army.

But if the prime minister does not want to form a federal force of public health professionals he can deploy like paratroopers against Coronavirus, the national government’s purchasing power is really large, as this year’s rapid creation of CERB has shown. The federal government had, by far, the best long-term balance sheet of any government order in Canada prior to COVID-19, and can use that financial firepower to great effect now.. Perhaps the fact that the Bank of Canada is literally creating the federal parliament will help.

Sending money directly to public health units is an idea that might work in Ontario, but it might not be possible in other provinces; Alternatively, sending cash to municipalities might allow the Feds to achieve some of their goals. However, at this point, the biggest thing the federal government can do is something like CERB but for small and even medium businesses: a clear and explicit guarantee that they will not be forced into bankruptcy due to the new closures, and that people’s livelihoods will be so.. protected.

Something more generous than wage support is needed – although it is not a first, second, or even third priority in fighting the virus directly.. Rather, it is the kind of action that might actually turn the opposition of conservative prime ministers into the necessary restrictions. This was true from the start, and it is true now: Our public health measures must be politically sustainable, and if paying bars and restaurants to stay closed is what it takes to reduce the body count, then Ottawa should cut the check..

Granted, it’s not the most romantic vision of what a national response to COVID-19 should look like. But it has the advantage of promising a more realistic chance of success than hitting the table and yelling that Trudeau is doing something unspecified.

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World News – California – This is a global crisis. Why is Doug Ford talking about who has authority? | TVO. Deer
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