World News – CA – This Japanese rock video is an adorable tribute to Pokémon’s legacy


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It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that if I think about Pokémon long enough, I’ll cry. So when The Pokémon Company released this special new music video called “Gotcha !,” which features the song “Acacia” from the Japanese group Bump of Chicken, it was a very emotional Tuesday morning

The video debuted after a brief presentation on Pokémon Sword and Shield expansions It follows different trainers as they weave their way across the world with their adorable Pokémon by their side, including Pikachu and Eevee. As the group sing about the love bond between a trainer and their pokemon, different creatures from different generations appear.Some are locked in battle, like Blastoise and Mewtwo, while others hang around, like Charmander and Bulbasaur

Listen, I’m a lover of adorable music video tributes to all that I obsess over Pokémon just happens to be an entire world based on cute creatures and their relationship with the trainers « aww » moments are written down! It helps that « Gotcha! » is a pretty catchy song

If you’re looking for your light Pokemon today, this isn’t a bad place to hang out

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World news – CA – This Japanese rock video is an adorable tribute to Pokémon’s legacy



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