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Okay, hold on to that idea. Because this week we got a glimpse of what might be a major part of McDonald’s in the future. And if it works, there could come a day that McDonald’s has to amend that song.

Most importantly, if you run a business, that means there’s a huge educational opportunity looming – on how to balance the things that work well for you today, with the radically different trends you might expect to see in the future..

First, McDonald’s. No, Big Mac isn’t going anywhere. In fact, McDonald’s immediate plans including doubling for beef and chicken.

But among the new products revealed by McDonald’s last week is one that some customers have wanted for a very long time: McPlant, « vegan pie, » if some global trend lasts long enough, it might one day be the product the chain has been famous for. Fast.

or not of course. This is all about trying to predict the future, while simultaneously running a successful business.

McDonald’s are late to the party when it comes to a meat replacement sandwich. For example, rival Burger King has spent more than a year selling its Impossible Vegan Impossible Products..

In fact, it’s been seven years since some McDonald’s customers started a petition calling on the chain to « make a positive difference in America with a mainstream meat-less option at McDonald’s, » meaning « vegan protein options. ».

Fewer than a quarter of a million people have logged in. But the closest thing McDonald’s has come to this particular development was Macblet, a test sandwich that McDonald’s introduced at some of its restaurants in Canada last year..

The trial ended in April, and McDonald’s said it plans to continue the evaluation. Now, the company appears to be nearing its next steps.

“We think our culinary team has succeeded. There are other veggie burgers out there, but McPlant delivers our iconic taste in the toothbrush type sandwich (and wipe your mouth). Made with a juicy vegetarian pie and served in a warm, sesame seed bread with all the classic additions.

Markets can adopt a McPlant when it’s ready and we expect some to test their burgers next year.

McDonald’s International President, Ian Borden, added during an investor presentation that the company plans to start McPlant with a « delicious burger » and that it may add « burgers, chicken alternatives, and breakfast sandwiches » as well..

It’s also interesting to note what McDonald’s didn’t say. For example, although last year it was very open about the fact that its Canadian test sandwich was « made with a vegan pie of Beyond Meat, » this time McDonald’s didn’t mention Beyond Meat at all..

(The « Beyond Meat » company then said that it was already working with McDonald’s « to co-create » MacPlanet. It made for a fun day out for anyone watching Beyond Meat’s stock price. )

Also, not a word about how the name came about which some critics hated. (Personally, I like that it’s very straightforward. )

In fact, McPlant is clearly far from McDonald’s immediate number one priority. When the company announced its new growth strategy this week, it said it was focusing on three things: (a) marketing, (b) « customer demand for the fashionable » (meaning « burgers, chicken and coffee »), and (c) developments « digital, delivery and the car from During ».

Now, you might eat at McDonald’s sometimes; You probably don’t. You may have tried Beyond Meat or other competitors; You probably didn’t.

But, if you’re running a business, I think it will be very helpful over the next year or so to see what McDonald’s is doing with McPlant.

It’s a classic dilemma: You are known for one thing. It served you well. But you can imagine a competitive scene, perhaps not too far down the road, where customers’ needs and tastes may be very different.

How do you balance your immediate success with your short-term growth, finding the time and energy to experiment and plan for the future?

Perhaps these difficulties are familiar? That’s why I always say it’s smart for business leaders of all sizes to watch large public corporations take on similar challenges..

I can’t anticipate McPlant’s performance. I can’t tell you whether McDonald’s immediate moves will work out in this regard. I cannot predict whether this song will need a new verse in the not too distant future.

But I can tell you it will be fun to watch. I’ll be watching McDonald’s while it rolls out McPlant. And I think you will find it useful, too.

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World News – California – 7 years later, McDonald’s has just released a big advertisement. Here’s what some customers have been waiting for
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