World news – Charles urges leaders to support the Earth Charter


The Prince of Wales has urged business leaders to support his ambitious Earth Charter and « bring prosperity in harmony with nature, people and the planet » over the next decade.

Charles started his project by helping the private sector said it is time now to seize the opportunity by adopting business practices that support or replenish the natural world.

During the One Planet Summit, the Prince urged industry and the financial sector to  » Practical Leadership ”as it was key to mobilizing the“ innovation, scale and resources ”required to lead the global economy towards a sustainable future.

The initiative, called Terra Carta or Earth Charter, has Parallels to Magna Carta – the touchstone for human rights and modern democracy – and aims to set up a « replenishment plan » for sustainability, nature’s fundamental right e and value.

The private sector is also urged to invest $ 10 billion (£ 7.3 billion) in « natural capital » by 2022.

The heir to the throne told delegates at the Paris summit: « Today I urge executives from all sectors and around the world to join us and support this Terra Carta – to balance prosperity with nature, people and the planet over the next decade.

 » Me Can only encourage those in industry and finance in particular to give practical guidance to this joint project as only they can mobilize the innovation, scale and resources necessary to transform our global economy. « 

Charles’ Sustainable Markets Initiative, launched last year to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable future, created the Charter and a Natural Capital Investment Alliance.

The alliance aims to promote $ 10 billion worth of commitments by 2022 by creating Terra Carta backers that will invest in businesses and projects that provide solutions to conserve and restore natural capital provide – renewable and non-renewable resources such as clean air and water, and fertile soils.

Initiatives could include reforestation or restoration of the landscape to reduce emissions, restore biodiversity and achieve sustainable economic growth and job creation Promote.

Charles told delegates, who included French President Emmanuel Macron: “Ladies and gentlemen, a sustainable future is indeed the growth story of our time – but it is up to us to provide the opportunity to use.

« I very much hope that the Terra Carta can help us with this nn.

« So if we look to a better and more sustainable future and keep our promises, we should unite and stop wasting time. When the clock is ticking, it’s really up to us to make every day count. “

Charles’ project kicked off when Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the UK would spend at least £ 3 billion of its international funds on climate action to protect nature over the next five years.

The move is a response to the close relationship between climate and nature, where populations of mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and amphibians have declined by 68% since 1970 and forests have been massively cut down.

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Charles’ global project complements the International Earthshot Prize from the Duke of Cambridge, which was awarded £ 50 million in prize money for ideas and technologies to protect the environment over the decade.

Terra Carta contains almost 100 recommendations for the private sector that emerged after months of discussions between the Prince and business executives, government, investors and philanthropy in the business world.

The goals range from asking business leaders to work towards ending their dependence on fossil fuels , to harnessing the power of consumer and shareholder demand to drive a sustainable transition and investment in the private sector.

In this issue of Posted Up with Chris Haynes, Vince Goodwill, a co-author of the NBA, accompanies the show with the latest news regarding the NBA’s $ 25,000 fine on the Philadelphia 76ers. Why doesn’t the league go after Ben Simmons &? What can we expect next after two games have been postponed in the last 24 hours due to COVID-19 protocols?

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Last but not least, Chris and Vince have a race, media, and NBA conversation when Minnesota Timberwolves star D’Angelo Russell asked reporters their opinion on last week’s attack on the Capitol.

(Bloomberg) – China’s coldest winter For decades, this meant that the state energy giant Sinopec was determined to unload heating oil from a ship in the direction of the northern harbor, but the icy temperatures that had hit parts of Asia froze a thick sheet of ice and blocked access with the help of an icebreaker ship and a cannon loaded with hot water workers spent 20 hours clearing the way for the tanker to dock and unload its cargo of liquefied natural gas in Tianjin. The effort underscores how freezing temperatures have revitalized US energy markets, which has hit some companies flat and is driving prices for electricity, fuel and ships to record highs. And with temperatures in key markets in Japan, China and South Korea showing no signs of easing, it could take weeks to get back to normal. “This winter definitely took the market by surprise,” said Henning Gloystein, Director at Eurasia Group. « My guess is that this peak will end in spring. » A La Nina weather phenomenon sent a wave of cold air across northern Asia this winter. Beijing last week recorded its lowest temperature since 1966, while Seoul had its coldest day since 1986, with record snowfall sweeping Japan’s west coast. The cold leads to an increase in the heat demand in the entire region. Japan’s spot electricity prices have increased more than ten-fold to record levels, while South Korea and China’s main grid have set records for electricity demand: « Cold weather and electrification of heating can lead to massive increases in electricity demand in winter, » said Alex Whitworth, a research director at Wood Mackenzie Ltd. These three countries are the world’s largest importers of LNG, and the additional demand has helped push prices for spot loads and tankers that carry the fuel to record levels. Disruptions at some massive export factories and shipping delays due to congestion on the Panama Canal also contribute, said Jenny Yang, senior director at IHS Markit Ltd. in Beijing: « The cold winter is not the only reason behind the recent dramatic spikes in spot prices, » she said. « The spikes were likely due to a combination of supply, demand and shipping factors in a relatively thin and illiquid market. » Major electricity suppliers, including Tokyo Electric Power Co., have urged customers to conserve electricity, while the country’s grid manager has instructed power producers in a number of regions to increase generating capacity to maximum output to avoid a supply crisis The snow accumulated in parts of Niigata prefecture is ten times higher than in a normal year, according to the national broadcaster NHK. Read more: As Polar Vortex Stirs, a deep freeze also threatens electricity generation in the US and Europe Promote coal consumption, which still makes up most of the country’s energy l delivers. According to consulting firm Fengkuang Coal Logistics, futures on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange soared to record levels last month, while a spot deal was recently closed for 900 yuan ($ 139) a ton. This is the highest value in nine years. At least one coal ship was idle. North China had to be relocated to avoid the formation of ice near the coast. This is evident from ship tracking data compiled by Bloomberg. In parts of China, where coal supplies are particularly scarce, the government has restricted power supplies to businesses to ensure there is enough supply for home heating. This has resulted in an increase in orders for portable generators and additional demand for the diesel that powers them. That hasn’t supported demand for crude oil, however, as refineries like SK Innovation Co. say they adjusted yields to produce more heat oil, but didn’t increase overall rates. The winter stress is unlikely to end anytime soon. Freezing temperatures and disruptive winds are expected for the remainder of the week in northeast China, according to the country’s weather department. That will keep pressure on coal supplies in Chinese power plants until the weather warms up, said James Stevenson, senior director at IHS Markit: “This will likely remain a problem through the end of winter and an out of winter is coming greater need for re-orders, ”Stevenson said in an email. « All in all, I think this suggests strong pricing – albeit likely due to current highs – for the second quarter. » (Updates with analyst comment in paragraph 7.) For more articles like this, visit Subscribe now to stay one step ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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The Trump administration announced on Monday that it would put Cuba back on the list of state sponsors of terrorism in the United States. This could complicate efforts by the new Biden administration to revive strained relations with Havana during the Obama era. Just nine days before President Donald Trump’s departure, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Cuba was being blacklisted for « repeatedly supporting international acts of terrorism » by hosting US refugees and Colombian rebel leaders. Cuba’s security support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was also cited by Pompeo as another reason for the blacklist. Pompeo said in a statement: « With this action we will again hold the Cuban government accountable and send a clear message: The Castro regime must end its support for international terrorism and the subversion of the US judiciary. » In 2015, the former US President Barack Obama officially removed Cuba from the terrorism list in order to restore diplomatic relations between the two countries. The return of Cuba to the list diminishes those efforts and would require lengthy legal deliberation for President-elect Joe Biden to reverse the move. The term terrorism includes, among other things, a ban on US economic aid and a ban on US arms exports.

Carmaker Ford said Monday’s worsening losses from the coronavirus epidemic would cause the company to open its three factories in Brazil closes where it has been for a century and sheds some 5,000 jobs.

The California Senator became the first black woman to be nominated for national office by a major party

included Boris Johnson and Justin Trudeau Among the world’s leading companies committed to tackling wildlife loss at One Planet Summit

Insurer and tech company Lemonade (NYSE: LMND) announced after the market closed today that it would launch a secondary stock offering . Subscribers also have the option of selling an additional 678,647 shares depending on investor demand. Lemonade also announced that « selling shareholders », which include certain insiders and early investors, would offer an additional 1,524,314 shares for sale.

Platforms and infrastructure providers drop Parler, Microsoft introduces a new interface and a Chinese one Fitness app brings in $ 360 million. President Donald Trump has been banned from most major social media and internet platforms. Corporations pointed to his role in inciting the forcible takeover of the US Capitol last week, as well as his continuing statements of support for the rioters. Right-wing social network Parler seems to be an obvious beneficiary of these bans, but the app itself has been scrutinized – Apple and Google removed it from their respective app stores for not moderating comments encouraging violent or criminal behavior and Amazon Web The services followed suit, causing the social network to go offline.

Just like the PGA of America, the R&A will avoid Donald Trump’s course for the British Open after last week’s Capitol attack.

(Bloomberg) – Ford Motor Co. is halting production in Brazil after more than 100 years of building cars in the country as part of a restructuring that will cut 5,000 jobs and cost approximately $ 4.1 billion. The automaker said Monday it will close two factories in Brazil immediately and a third by the end of the year, ending sales of three locally made models: Ecosport, Ka and T4. The main job losses are in Brazil, but also include workers in Argentina. The cuts are part of a $ 11 billion global restructuring that began under former CEO Jim Hackett and has now been continued by his successor, Jim Farley. The company will levy approximately $ 2.5 billion in pre-tax fees for 2020 and an additional $ 1.6 billion this year. The most recent plant closings come after Ford closed a heavy-duty truck factory in Brazil in 2019 and billed $ 460 million. Ford will be left with a large factory in a region where founder Henry Ford was present early in the last century: « We know these are very difficult but necessary steps to take to build a healthy and sustainable business, » Farley said in one Statement The move is designed to help Ford achieve an 8% pre-tax profit margin worldwide. South America has been a persistent money loser for the most part for the past 16 years. The company reported there in the first three quarters of last year pre-tax losses in the amount of 386 million US dollars. Ford will announce its fourth quarter results on February 4th. « The market simply does not and will not support our current cost structure in the region, » said T.R. Reid, a company spokesman, said in a press conference today. « What we do will help us build a sustainably profitable business in this part of the world. » Ford said it will continue to sell vehicles in Brazil and elsewhere in South America, including the Ranger midsize pickup truck, which was built at a plant in Argentina and Argentina, transit vans imported from US Ford shares closed 3.3 in New York % to $ 9.30, its highest in a month. Ford’s move to reduce its presence in South America « makes sense » after the automaker suffered an average annual pre-tax loss of $ 800 million. Dan Levy, a Credit Suisse analyst, wrote a note to investors in the region since 2014 . (Updates with details on remaining model offerings in paragraph eight.) For more articles like this, visit Sign up now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source. © 2021 Bloomberg LP



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