World news – « Come on, buddy »: There is a big televised fight over the host’s question


Greg Hunt whipped an ABC host after he was cornered over a controversial vaccine announcement with a Liberal Party logo.

The government came under fire last week for attaching a Liberal Party logo to a press release announcing that Australia had received an additional 10 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine.

ABC breakfast host Michael Rowland on Wednesday pressed the health secretary on why it was necessary to add a partisan badge to a public spending announcement.

Mr. Hunt insisted that the post be « completely within the rules » before quickly launching a personal attack.

Here it is. Judge for yourself. No, Minister, I do not identify with the left. My job as an ABC journalist is to hold ALL sides of politics accountable, like I was this morning. It was and is a simple question. You’re welcome back on the show anytime. @ BreakfastNews # auspolhttps: //

« You seem to be the most trained person in the Australian media, » he said.

« I know this is a problem for you. In many ways, you identify with the left. You do this a lot. »

« You should be open about it … It is important that you are honest about your position and where you come from. »

« I’ll win the bet with my office that you would spend 50 percent of this interview on this topic rather than safety and not vaccines and not roll-out, » Hunt replied.

Rowland said he was « also cut out what is right and what is wrong » before closing the interview.

On the advice of the Scientific Industry Vaccine Technical Advisory Group, led by Professor Brendan Murphy, the Australian government has received an additional 10 million doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

« No, Minister, I do not identify with the left. My job as an ABC journalist is to hold ALL sides of politics accountable, as I was this morning, » he wrote.

However, Mr Hunt’s decision to tweet the news through his personal Twitter account sparked controversy as it linked a taxpayer-funded development with the Liberal Party.

« I can’t comment on anything I haven’t seen, but I have full confidence in the integrity of everyone who purchased the vaccine. »


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« The last year has been meaningful … with your love and support we went through this. »


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