World News – FI – NIGHTWISH, BATTLE BEAST Drop Booking Agent after sexual harassment charges surface


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Yesterday prominent metal booking agent John Finberg of First Row Talent was accused by several women of varying degrees of sexual harassment Today, two of the artists he was affiliated with officially parted ways with him, Nightwish and Battle Beast.

Finberg’s accusers all have relatively similar histories.He acted aggressively with them, fed them alcohol at shows, made crazy promises about how their bands might open up for Nightwish, and when women rejected him, he offered non-stop text messaging abuse, and one woman even claimed to have tried call his job and tell them they’re working with a terrible person Beyond abuse, the MetalSucks exhibit also highlighted various shady business practices his booking agency employs that end up scamming the artists he works with and overcharging Canadian fans for tickets purchased through its VIP site, EntertheVaultcom

Well, he now has two less artists on his roster, including his biggest act, Nightwish The Finnish symphonic metal band made a quick, brief announcement of their breakup with Finberg by posting on social media:

« Nightwish has stopped using M Finberg and severed all contact with him and his company « NIGHTWISH & TILL DAWN THEY COUNT LTD

Another Finnish act, Battle Beasts also announced that they are no longer doing business with Finberg, writing:

First Row Talent no longer reserves Battle Beast in North America or elsewhere in the world Abuse, racism and sexism have no place in the music business or anywhere else for that matter Love, BATTLE BEAST

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Perhaps most shocking is reading the comments on these posts, especially the one from Nightwish, where several women came out publicly saying they had experienced the same issues with Finberg

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John Finberg

World News – FI – NIGHTWISH, BATTLE BEAST Drop Booking Agent after sexual harassment charges surface



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