World News – FI – Restaurants Noho Partners, a large catering company, starts broad cooperation negotiations, Mara considers restrictions on restaurant openings very strict


According to a survey by members of the restaurant industry interest group Mara, more than 40% of pubs and nightclubs believe their sales will halve

Catering industry Big company Noho Partners plc announced on Tuesday evening that it will start cooperation negotiations to adapt its operations to the restrictions imposed by the Finnish government on the restaurant industry.The aim of the co-management negotiations is to minimize the financial impact of the interest rate pandemic and adjust the company’s cost level to match the declining volume with restaurant restrictions, the listed company said in its statement

Starting next week, restaurants will be open from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m., and alcohol service will be permitted from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., the Minister of Families and Services said base Krista Kiuru (nd) at a Tuesday night press conference

The restrictions are set in a regulation and will come into force on October 8

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Additionally, additional regional restrictions are planned where the coronavirus outbreak is accelerating In this case, alcohol distribution should stop at 10 p.m. and customers should only be allowed access at catering facilities only at half of the normal maximum quantity

Well Partners The cooperation negotiations concern all of the Group’s staff, ie around 1,300 people in Finland. In addition, the effects of the restriction measures on restaurants are indirectly reflected in the approximately 2,000 temporary employees of the company

The best known restaurants in Finland include Elite, Savoy, Theater, Stefan’s Steakhouse, Palace, Löyly, Hanko Sushi and Friends & Brgrs

Negotiations will begin on Oct. 5 and are expected to last six weeks, according to company press release Negotiations may involve changes in organizational structure, part-time or full-time layoffs, part-time work or redundancies The redundancies being negotiated will mainly concern administrative tasks at the various levels of the organization

« Regulatory restrictions are having a significant impact on our restaurant business and we will need to take immediate adjustment measures that will affect the livelihoods of thousands of people It is clear that we will have to learn to live with this virus for a while, as no one has precise knowledge of how long the pandemic will last. In the worst case, in the event of layoffs, restrictive measures could lead to unemployment and the exclusion of tens of thousands of people in the sector, ”Aku Vikström, CEO of Noho Partners, said in the newsletter

On March 13, 2020, Noho Partners announced that it will begin collective bargaining for all staff for temporary layoffs, and on May 15, 2020, it will begin negotiations on their continuation The company’s net turnover in 2019 was 272 EUR8 million and the operating result at 30 EUR6 million

Catering industry, the Mara interest group considers the regulation drawn up by the government on restaurant opening hours to be « very strict »

According to the organization’s press release, the new opening hours in practice mean that nightclub sales hours will now be limited to one hour According to a survey of Mara members, more than 40% of pubs and nightclubs estimate their sales to be halved

« This will also have very negative effects on the position of employees of night restaurants, » predicts the organization According to Mara, the biggest obstacles are in large night restaurants, whose turnover is reduced by more than 90%

The interest group itself said the distribution would have ended at one o’clock when it would have been economically possible to operate a restaurant at night

« During the acceleration phase, the night catering business will be completely abandoned Timo Lappi said in a press release

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World News – FI – Restaurants Noho Partners, a large catering company, begins extensive cooperation negotiations, Mara considers restrictions on opening restaurants are very strict



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