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The great Chelsea player Frank Lampard did not receive much special treatment from owner Roman Abramovich. Photo: Andy Rain / PA Wire.

Kevin Palmer

When Frank Lampard was introduced as Chelsea manager in the summer of 2019, he must have known that he is not the symbol of a new era of change coming through dragging the corridors of power at Stamford Bridge.

After spending most of his sporting life at Chelsea, he knew how this club worked better than most, and in that sense he would have known that Fairy tale that many blues fans bought their way into would probably never come to a happy conclusion.

Let your mind wander back to the days when the world seemed a little less terrifying and football fans could grab the bleachers, to welcome home a solid gold hero who cemented his place in Chelsea folklore long before kicking his last ball for the club.

Lampard was the top scorer in the Club, an icon who helped Chelsea win 11 major trophies during their 13-year career, which ensured that they earned everyone’s respect when they took on his dream job after just a year in management.

Those who gave Lampard an enthusiastic ovation in his first home game as manager may have embraced the fantasy that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich had been seduced by a dose of football romance with his hire-em, fire-em approach for managers to be replaced by something less brutal.

Lampard’s Chelsea legend Petr Cech also came as the club’s new sporting director. All parties confirmed that the time had come to make better use of a youth academy system that had barely produced a remarkable first-team track record in this century.

While many asked if the ruthless Abramovich had the temperament to embrace change, if Lampard did not get immediate results, the bigger picture turned out to be extremely important to the development of this story.


Lampard inherited power at Chelsea one summer when the club was in the middle of a transfer embargo. The prospect of hiring a more established coach to replace the late Maurizio Sarri was diminished by the debilitating asterisks in the job description.

« Would Frank Lampard have got the job if Chelsea hadn’t had a transfer embargo on her? Probably not », suggests ex-Blues striker Chris Sutton, speaking to Sunday World at a BT Sport event.

« I was delighted to see Frank get the Chelsea job and even as a Celtic man, I said hello to Steven Gerrard as Rangers manager. This was proof that young English managers can get great jobs.

« But after the money they had spent on Timo Werner and Kai Havertz last summer, the pressure would always fall on Frank .

« Frank’s goal last season was to finish in the top four, and he did so to get her to the FA Cup final. That was a decent season.

« Spending money last summer and And signing the quality of the players who made them put the pressure on him this season and he would have known it before a ball was kicked. « 


Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich says he will raise funds to fight racism (Nick Potts / PA)

When the Abramovich and Chelsea hierarchy wanted to start a new chapter and give a young manager time to change the club’s image as more than just a fantasy football game for a billionaire who puts success before mood, this was the moment to affirm it.

Instead, Abramovich returned to Plan A when the first opportunity presented itself. When Lampard’s side struggled to find consistency when he hit his first really rocky spot in his tenure as manager, the eject button was hit again.

There was never a thought that Lampard should be treated any differently than those who were before left him as Abramovich (inset) is not concerned with emotions.

All he could see was a failing employee who had to leave and, as has been his policy for the past 18 years, became the most high profile available Coach hired to replace him when he brought in Thomas Tuchel as his replacement.

Events of the past few days suggest that Lampard may be fired as Chelsea manager last summer, despite the transfer embargo he was working under became if he hadn’t put his young team in the top four.

Instead, his fate was sealed when Tuchel split from Paris Saint-Germain last month. Any theories that this would be a new Chelsea became obsolete when Lampard was sacked and his replacement installed last Monday.

It was only last month that Lampard saw the end of an unbeaten run of 17 games that cast a spell on the Top of the Premier League included. Chelsea’s status in midfield is likely to change if they can gain momentum in some winnable games over the next few weeks.


« I felt like Frank had proven himself as a Chelsea coach last season, » Joe Cole told Sunday World last month.

« You could say he didn’t have the experience to manage at the highest level, but he had the experience of knowing how Chelsea worked and that might have been more important to him.

« He understood how the owner works, how the people behind the scenes work, and he did brought all this experience to his first season as manager.

« It was a good first season to finish in the top four and reach the FA Cup final. He also changed the way the club worked by adding Got players like Mason Mount and Tammy Abraham through.

« Every manager has ups and downs and you just hope the club will support you when you have the downtime. »

Lampard might have dared to believe that his status at Chelsea gave him a little more protection from Abramovic h’s formula for dealing with failed managers, but he was wrong.

Tuchel is the 15th manager Abramovich has hired and he is fully aware that he will receive the same treatment as everyone else, who have gone before him unless he makes an immediate impression on Stamford Bridge.

Forget about new eras and new approaches to Chelsea as this club is run by an owner who just wants to hear about the fairy tales that he stages.


Thomas Tuchel downplayed his childhood love for Tottenham as pure gardening games (Richard Heathcote / PA)

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich added another name to his extensive list of executive appointments this week, as Thomas Tuchel of the 15. Became head coach, hired since he took over at Chelsea in 2003.

Stability is not a policy Abramovich believes in and the trophy success he enjoyed during his reign as Chelsea’s chief operating officer, suggests his path is a successful one.

Manchester United and Arsenal have very different approaches: the two clubs have appointed only five managers in the past 35 years, compared to the 22 names Chelsea took over over the same period .

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