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What will it take for movie studios to start showing TV commercials again? Maybe the 2020 election

In recent months, big funders have largely stopped airing their glitzy TV trailers Most important releases have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, and Hollywood advertisers are only seeing little reason to bombard a national audience who might not be comfortable returning to theaters

Yet two studios will run commercials for films during Fox News coverage around the first Presidential Debate on September 29, according to Jeff Collins, executive vice president of ad sales at Fox News Media Any appearance of an ad for a new movie these days is a surprise Movie studios essentially stopped advertising in July and the middle of August, according to Kantar, an ad spend tracker In the first full week of September, the number of ‘Ads by movie marketers on major television networks declined by 75% Collins declined to name movie sponsors

Debates can give advertisers from all walks of life something they haven’t had in quite some time – a massive TV audience tuned in to an event that isn’t sports related In the past , Collins said in an interview, « Not everyone could understand what was going on in the national headlines » In 2020, he adds, « you have things like the pandemic, or the economy and jobs, or the fight for racial equality « All These Recent Issues » make national news more relevant to a whole new generation of people – and young viewers Chris Wallace « Fox News » will host on Tuesday, but many networks will broadcast and cover the event

NBC, CBS and ABC all used up their business inventory around the first debate, according to people familiar with the matter – as did Fox News Channel. « We’re pretty much sold out for the remaining three debates, » Collins says. « We have a unit here or there, but we are quickly approaching liquidation in these debates too. « ABC has also exhausted its commercial inventory around its coverage of the October 7 Vice Presidential Debate, according to one of these people, and is nearly exhausted of advertising time in the debates to take place on October 15 and 22 NBC is nearly depleted of its election night inventory on both broadcast and cable, one of those people said

A network official said demand and interest in political news broadcasts has exceeded normal expectations « That’s most of the price requests I’ve given in all presidential elections. » , says this leader, who since 2000 has participated in negotiations with advertisers for such events

The 90-minute debates take place without commercials But there will be hours of coverage around them, both on TV and in other video rooms ABC will anticipate its three-hour prime-time program Tuesday to air a one-hour ’20/20′ special and hosted coverage by George Stephanopoulos, for example NBC News and CBS News each plan to dedicate two hours of coverage, directed by Norah O’Donnell on CBS and Lester Holt and Savannah Guthrie on NBC Fox News Channel to anticipate two of its most-viewed prime-time hours for debate coverage led by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, while MSNBC plans to begin analysis at 8 p.m.m with a team made up of Nicolle Wallace, Rachel Maddow, Joy Reid and Brian Williams

Anchors know they will likely come under scrutiny « I try to gird myself not to look for horizons, but to stay on top of the story wherever it is at any given time « Says Wallace » And that’s what I think is the best strategy: not to lead anyone down a path that is not working, but also not to minimize anything that is happening at this remarkable moment « 

No matter how serious the issues, buyers warn most media companies are not seeing an increase in their overall advertising budget Many advertisers are simply reallocating money to political programming they would otherwise have incurred at the standard rate during prime time And some advertisers tend to shy away from news and opinion programming altogether – a dynamic that won’t change, says a purchasing manager. “I think it’s a high-end environment, but it’s not going to change. ‘is only for those who are willing to support it « , says the leader » The appearance of the available audience impressions does not outweigh the need to be careful, due to the unpredictability of what will be discussed « 

Despite this, networks were able to increase their rates above what they were looking for in 2016, executives said In 2016, broadcast networks were able to charge between $ 150,000 and $ 200,000 for 30-second coverage around presidential debates, according to Standard Media Index, a tool for tracking advertising spending Meanwhile, cable networks were chasing prices ranging from $ 40,000 to $ 103,000

News ads could be critical to the industry’s fortunes at a time when the pandemic has slashed revenues Fox News Channel is expected to earn more than $ 1.15 billion in advertising, according to Kagan, a market research firm doing part of S&P Global Intelligence, up 82% to around $ 1.07 billion secured in 2019 MSNBC is expected to capture $ 601 million this year, down 31% from $ 620 million invested last year And CNN would get $ 608 million dollars this year, up 52% ​​from the $ 578 million caught last year, says Kagan

The coronavirus may have taken a sum of money from everyone Estimates released by Kagan before the pandemic called for Fox News to earn $ 1.32 billion from advertising in 2020; for MSNBC to get $ 723 million; and for CNN to win $ 773 1 million

Some media are getting creative and coming up with new ways to get commercial messages around events Fox News has created what Collins calls a ‘second screen digital experience that people will download to their phones’ where they can get real-time poll data and commentary from presenters and reporters He already has a sponsor for the first debate, he says WarnerMedia, which owns CNN, recently sent out a newsletter to media buyers and advertisers telling them they can buy many items often for sale around a cover. special media, including the ability to put a commercial on a « countdown » that would be placed on screen before major shows

TV networks may have more time to sell than usual, especially if count issues create drama around election night that continues for days on end According to Collins, Fox News is already offering sponsorships for ‘election week’, not just those built around the November 3 cover « We don’t know when that will be decided It could be 1 p.m. It could be 9 p.m., » he said « We want to give advertisers maximum exposure throughout this week »

The best personalities in the news also feel that they will be called upon to do more than usual But how much guesswork remains « We only take it one day at a time! » says Maddow « I think we all expect the election to last longer than it otherwise would because a lot more people will be voting by mail and these ballots could take a long time to count But other than that, it’s hard to predict in advance how things will turn out even for the day ahead, let alone the months to come « 

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