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ALULA: The AlUla Open Air Historical and Cultural Museum in northwest Saudi Arabia will reopen its heritage sites to tourists on Oct. 31
The Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) has confirmed that the UNESCO World Heritage site, Hegra, the ancient kingdom of Dadan and the whispering canyons of Jabal Ikmah will be the first sites to reopen to the public, having largely been closed to visitors for more than two years
RCU announced that AlUla residents will have the chance to access the sites exclusively on October 30 free on a first come, first served basis for the whole opening weekend Visitors can register at experiencealulacom to find out reservations available for heritage sites and when other experiences are live
Visitors will benefit from significant airport upgrades, new comfortable transportation options around the city and heritage sites, and the provision of information at two new visitor centers
AlUla’s new quality assurance program will also guarantee visitors a warm and professional welcome.
Security measures for the coronavirus pandemic have been put in place in accordance with Department of Health protocols, which align with « safe travel » guidelines issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council
Measures include mandatory pre-booking of tickets, temperature checks at the airport, distance and limitations of visitors to heritage and other sites, increased hygiene measures and mandatory wearing of a mask
Phillip Jones, director of destination management and marketing for RCU, said he was delighted with the sites reopening in October
« There is no doubt that this has been a difficult year for all sectors, but our teams have worked hard to make this important milestone in our sightseeing journey and the next chapter of AlUla’s journey through time, » Jones said.
Activations and immersive experiences at heritage sites, as well as adventure experiences and events, will be announced over the next few weeks and will be phased in over the winter months, with the full range of experiences planned for the winter season planned for the first quarter from 2021
The old town of AlUla will also be open to the public for the first time from December.
“We develop engaging, authentic, and light tourism experiences that showcase the essence of AlUla – our heritage sites, our natural assets and of course the AlUla community,” Jones said.
He added, “We have a full team on site to prepare the destination to welcome these first visitors and we are delighted to give the local community a chance to revisit their heritage sites before the rest of the world, while continuing to build on. Experiences »
“With our team of travel industry professionals, we are laying the foundations for a fully integrated travel reservation and distribution system to make visiting AlUla an easy, value-driven experience. and transparent, and to prepare for international travel when visiting visas are reinstated Jones said
Flights are available with Saudia Airlines to AlUla from Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam
AlUla is a 10-hour drive from Riyadh, a seven-hour drive from Jeddah, and just over three hours from Medina and Tabuk airports.It is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the Red Sea, visitors can add to their trip

RIYADH: The Y20 summit kicked off Thursday with speakers highlighting the increasingly important role young people can play, especially in a world reeling from the coronavirus pandemic
The first day of the summit delivered key messages on the political and social inclusion of marginalized youth, who make up more than half of the world’s population
Ahead of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, Y20 will focus during its three days on the themes of youth empowerment, future adjustment and global citizenship
Just 10 years from the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals deadline, he’s looking to find new momentum and ideas among the world’s youth
Othman Almoamar, President of Y20, highlighted the challenges the coronavirus crisis presented to the organization of the summit, turning it from a live event to a virtual event
“What a year,” he says, “2020 has changed everything and for us at Y20 it has been. We started our plans in 2019 and we weren’t expecting us to do all of this virtually We had planned to having everyone (here), but COVID-19 meant we couldn’t do this I’m sure we all want a refund, 2020  »
Saudi G20 Sherpa Dr Fahad Almubarak called young people « hope for the future » and said youth empowerment was still a top topic on the G20 summit agenda.
This was followed by a brief comment from Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary-General, from his headquarters in New York.
At the first panel discussion, titled “The Importance of Youth Empowerment: The Next 10 Years,” Dr Badr Al-Badr, CEO of Misk Foundation, and Hussain N Hanbazazah, Director of Ithra, explained the roles that their two organizations played in the creation of the Y20 edition
The second panel discussed the theme of ‘post-COVID-19 opportunities’ and why true collaboration and integrated solutions were needed to provide young people with the opportunity to fully engage and empower themselves, especially more than the pandemic has affected the education of 16 billion students worldwide
“Our young people have really helped us deal with the crisis,” said Alvin Tan, Singaporean Minister of State at the Ministry of Community, Culture and Youth and Ministry of Trade and Industry.
“At first we faced a lot of challenges with the crisis, as it was unknown, but in the last two days we had very low numbers, one or even zero two days ago, and we had a low death rate of 005 percent, ”he says
« Young people play a really important role in securing lives By talking to them, they help us, wear masks, ensure social distancing and help spread the message »
In a one-on-one chat with moderator Edie Lush under the tagline “Youth Empowerment – How to Empower Yourself as a First Step,” author Jay Shetty asked young people how to achieve their dreams by focusing on their own strengths and not constantly feeling in competition with others
He said the way to do that was to identify their passions and be resilient against any obstacle to their pursuit.
The next discussion point, “The State of Youth Leadership: Addressing the Mismatch,” highlighted that in a recent Y20 CCL survey, 65% of respondents believed their country would benefit from greater youth leadership.
John R Ryan, President and CEO of the Center for Creative Leadership, USA, and Jayathma Wickramanayake, the UN Secretary-General’s Envoy for Youth, explored the incentives and disincentives that inspire young people to be engage in political discourse
“I would say that in some cases the incentive is really not to have a choice, and to be pushed as young people to take these positions and do something for our world,” Wickramanayake said.
She added: “Deterrents? A common concern that I hear is that more often than not, existing systems do not really represent the needs of young people, their rights and their pressing concerns. What discourages young people are the systems of exclusion, the systems that make the rich ultra-rich and the poor ultra-poor Systems that perpetuate colonialism and discriminate based on the color of your skin, which perpetuate sexism, patriarchy and make young women feel like secondary citizens  »
Next on the agenda, a panel titled “Going Beyond Words: Succeeding with Youth Empowerment” called for accepting different and new ideas from the younger generation.
To be successful, the panel discussed the need to clear pathways for young people to prepare and be ready to take responsibility for inclusion across nationality, gender and social background.
Speakers explained how skills and capacities were not sufficient to empower young people, but needed to be complemented by access and inclusion
Equal representation of women was high on the agenda
Saudi W20 Sherpa Salma Al-Rashid said: “One of the things Women 20 (W20) focuses on is the policies needed to empower women and girls. We need to make sure that every step of the way decision-making there is representation of women  »
In the last panel of the day – “Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers: Youth and the G20” – Saudi C20 President, Princess Nouf bint Mohammed Al-Saud, and Dr Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Saudi President of the W20, established a list of recommendations to be presented to the G20 summit on youth empowerment and gender equality
« In most of the G20 countries, young people are fighting to ‘break the glass ceiling’, ‘go through the door’, all those expressions we use, » said Princess Nouf
“But within the G20, I think our biggest role is to fight for those who don’t even have a door to go through There is no roof, there is no door, there is no there is no building  »
The first day of the Y20 ended with another one-on-one discussion between Moderator Sebastian Muermann, Chief Delegate of Y20, Canada, and President Jose Manuel Barroso, President of Goldman Sachs International, former President of the European Commission (2004-2014) and former Prime Minister of Portugal (2002-2004), focusing on the theme « Empowered youth – The leaders of tomorrow »
The second part of the Y20 summit will be under the theme “Future Fit”, with a focus on workforce inequalities, the growing divide between cities and the countryside and the probable semi-permanent impact of the COVID-pandemic. 19, among other questions

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