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TRUMP-TAXES – Ethics experts say revelations that President Donald Trump is personally responsible for more than $ 400 million in debt cast a shadow over his presidency and raise fears that he is being manipulated to influence US politics of organizations and individuals to whom it is accountable By Aamer Madhani and Deb Riechmann COMING SOON: 900 words per 5 pm, Photos

VIRUS-SOLDIER EPIDEMIC SUICIDES – Within the ranks of the legendary 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, 10 soldiers have committed suicide so far this year This figure prompts division leaders to reconsider how they approach suicide awareness By Sarah Blake Morgan SUBMITTED: 1000 words, photos

2020 ELECTION-DEBATE – Debates like Tuesday’s between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden are one of the hottest aspects of a presidential campaign But in a time of hard division, can they really convince voters? By Jonathan Lemire COMING SOON: 850 words per 5 pm, Photos

ELECTION 2020-ELECTORAL COLLEGE – House President Nancy Pelosi is taking extraordinary steps to prepare for the 2020 election results, seeking to increase Democrats’ grip on state delegations that voters may decide of a contested election This is one of the many measures taken before an election like no other By Lisa Mascaro COMING SOON: 800 words at 4.30pm, photo

ELECTION 2020-FIRST-TIME REFUGEE-Voter – Tens of thousands of refugees fleeing wars and persecution who have been welcomed into the US are now US citizens voting for the first time in what could be the most consistent presidential election of their lives From Arizona to Florida, new voters study candidates, enthusiastic but aware of their heavy responsibility in choosing the leader of their country By Anita Snow SENT: 990 words, photos

VIRUS OUTBREAK – INDIA – The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India has reached 6 million cases, which keeps the country second behind the United States in the number of cases reported since the start of the pandemic The Department of Health on Monday reported 82,170 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours, bringing the total to 60,74,703 SENT: 280 words, photos

CALIFORNIA-WILDFIRES – California firefighters face new destructive forest fires north of San Francisco as strong winds fan flames in an already badly burnt condition The fires broke out in famed Napa wine country on Sunday -Sonoma north of San Francisco and Shasta County in far northern California, forcing hasty evacuations from neighborhoods SENT: 800 words, photos

VIRUS-OUTBREAK-ONE-GOOD-THING-GUATEMALA-DANCE – Guatemalan couple Fabio Rodolfo Vásquez and María Moreno took part in a line dance competition during the coronavirus pandemic to help them cope with the recent death of their daughter – and won it A homemade video where Vásquez dances to The Flirts’ ‘Danger’ went viral, and the Guatemalan couple, who met on the dance floor over 30 years ago, went viral, an overnight sensation SENT: 450 words, photos, video

500 YEARS OLD MEXICO VIRUS EPIDEMIC – Massive body cremations have occurred; entire families died and the townspeople, afraid to take their bodies out, simply collapsed their houses on top of them to bury them in place This pandemic was caused by the smallpox brought by the Spanish conquistadors and their servants and it exploded in Mexico City in September 1520 SENT: 600 words, photo

VIRUS-OUTBREAK-ZIMBABWE – Schools in Zimbabwe reopened to two-grade students on Monday as part of a gradual process that will see all students return to class in early November But many teachers failed to show up for work , their union demanding that the government pay them first a COVID-19 allowance and improve their wages and working conditions SENT: 400 words, photos

VIRUS-ISRAEL-JEW-LAW EPIDEMIC – For ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel, coronavirus restrictions have raised many questions about how to maintain their religious lifestyle during the outbreak A religious editor of Jerusalem published a book in July with over 600 pages of advice from 46 different rabbis on topics ranging from socially distant circumcisions and Passover Seders to Zoom on Holidays to Prayer with a College from a Balcony SENT: 1000 words, photos

BRITTANY-UBER – Uber may continue to operate in London after the rideshare company on Monday won a court appeal against transit regulators’ refusal to renew its SENT license; 310 words, photo

ELECTION 2020-DEBATE-SCOTUS – President Donald Trump and Joe Biden were already set to fight over nearly every major issue when they share a scene in Cleveland – but the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg means things could get even tighter, even faster By Will Weissert and Jessica Gresko SENT: 1,100 words, photos

ELECTION 2020 DEBATE MODERATOR – Chris Wallace gives no indication of how he will moderate the first presidential debate But the veteran journalist and host of « Fox News Sunday » – the only general election debate moderator with experience in the role – has a record that gives a pretty good idea of ​​what he will look like By David Bauder SENT: 990 words, photos

ELECTION 2020-DEBATE-QUESTIONS – Big questions ahead of the first debate between President Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden By Steve Peoples COMING SOON: 700 words per 4 pm, Photos

SUPREME COURT – VACANCY – Democrats face the limits of their power as they fight Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court Unable to block President Donald Trump’s choice on their own, they strive to convincing voters that Barrett’s appointment threatens the health care protections of the Affordable Care Act But there will be opportunities for diversion as supporters on both sides vie for faith’s role in the justice system By Mary Clare Jalonick COMING SOON: 800 words per 5 pm, Photos

VIRUS OUTBREAK TEST – President Donald Trump announces that the federal government will begin distributing millions of rapid coronavirus tests to points of service in states this week, urging governors to prioritize them for reopening of schools for kindergarten to grade 12 students By Kevin Freking SUBMITTED: 720 words UPCOMING: Developing from 3:30 p.m. Trump’s announcement, 800 words by 5 p.m., photos, video

RACIALE-BREONNA TAYLOR INJUSTICE – A curfew is lifted in Louisville, where many people have been accused of refusing to stop their nightly protests after a grand jury decision not to charge officers with the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor SENT: 802 words, photos Development

SEX-ED-REFERENDUM – Democrats in the Washington State Legislature believed they adopted a routine sex education requirement for public schools earlier this year But a coalition of Republicans and religious conservatives launched a swift and historic reaction that led to a bitter partisan struggle and an effort to overturn the measure in the November ballot SENT: 890 words

WHITE-NATIONALIST-THREAT – A federal jury has found a self-proclaimed white nationalist who rose to prominence at a murderous 2017 rally in Charlottesville, Va., guilty of threatening to rape the wife of a man who was part of a racist group he felt himself harassing and intimidating him SENT: 500 words, photo

ABSENT-IOWA VOTE – Judge refuses to block Republican-backed Iowa law that makes it harder for county officials to process mail-in ballot applications and more likely incomplete applications will not be satisfied SENT: 600 words

PORTLAND-PROTESTS – Several people in Portland, Oregon were arrested as protests against brutality against police continued early Sunday, hours after protests ended with few reports of violence SENT: 690 words, photos

HANDCUFFED-SUSPECT-KILLED-MARYLAND – A county in Maryland has agreed to a $ 20 million settlement with the family of a man who was handcuffed in a patrol car when a police officer shot him dead , said a county official SENT: 600 words

ARMENIA-AZERBAIJAN – Fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces over the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh continues for a second day, with both sides blaming each other for resuming attacks that are believed to have killed and injured dozens of people SENT: 680 words, photos With: Armenia-Azerbaijan-AP explains SENT: 340 words, photos

IRAQ-US – US, Iraqi officials and other officials say the Trump administration has warned Iraq that it will close its embassy in Baghdad if the government does not take swift and decisive action to end to persistent rockets and other attacks by Iranian-backed militias and rogue armed elements against the Americans and their allies interests in the country SENT: 1000 words, photos

BRAZIL-JAGUARS – Veterinarians in the Brazilian state of Goias are working to treat jaguars injured in forest fires that make their way through the wetlands of the Pantanal, including a sedated female whose paws were burnt SENT: 650 words, photos

POLAND-LGBT RIGHTS – Polish leaders rejected suggestions that LGBT people would be disenfranchised in the country, after an open letter from 50 international ambassadors and representatives spoke of the need to work for « the non-discrimination, tolerance and acceptance « SENT: 670 words, photos

FRANCE-BUDGET – The French government has presented its 2021 budget, a plan that aims to save the country’s besieged economy from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic by injecting a stimulus of 42 billion euros (49 billion dollars) next year SENT: 240 words, photos

BELARUS-PROTESTS – Belarusian authorities arrested 500 people during weekend protests against the country’s authoritarian president, who claimed his sixth term in an election widely seen as rigged SENT: 430 words, photos

GREECE-MIGRANTS – Greek police charge 35 people – all foreign nationals and all but two members of non-governmental organizations – of various serious crimes for allegedly facilitating the illegal arrival of migrants on the Greek island of Lesvos from Turkey SENT: 330 words

AUSTRALIA-VATICAN SCANDAL – Cardinal George Pell, Pope Francis’ former finance minister, will soon return to the Vatican amid an extraordinary economic scandal for the first time since being cleared of allegations of abuse of children in Australia five months ago, a church agency said on Monday SENT: 440 words, photo

PAKISTAN-DANIEL PEARL – Pakistan Supreme Court to hear appeal from family of slain American journalist Daniel Pearl challenging the acquittal of British-born Pakistani in horrific beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter in 2002 SENT: 450 words, photos

ELECTION-DEBATE-2020-SPORTING BET – In another example of a sports betting company going mainstream, viewers of Tuesday’s presidential debate can win prizes and money by predicting a number of things: l one of the candidates will wear a mask? Will Donald Trump say “fake news” or “China” more often? By Wayne Parry SENT: 650 words, photos

HKN – STANLEY CUP – The Tampa Bay Lightning look to win the Stanley Cup in Game 6, once again trying to finish off a Dallas Stars team that has shown resilience in those playoffs in the Par bubble. hockey writer Stephen Whyno UPCOMING: 750 words, photos Play starts 8 pm

BBO – PLAYOFFS RDP – Baseball playoffs start Tuesday with a twist – best of three series that raises the stakes in early surprise On tap is a marquee pitching match: Yankees’ Gerrit Cole vs. Shane Indians Bieber By Jay Cohen COMING SOON: 800 words, photos by 6 pm

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