World News – GB – Argentinian cartoonist Quino, creator of comic strip Mafalda, dies at 88


Argentinian cartoonist Joaquin Salvador Lavado, creator of the beloved comic strip Mafalda, has died at the age of 88, his editor announced on Wednesday

Under the pen name « Quino », he created Mafalda in 1964, and the band gained popularity in newspapers across Latin America, Europe and much of Asia before being turned into books

« Quino is dead All the good people in the country and the world will mourn him, » Daniel Divinsky, director of publisher Ediciones de la Flor in Buenos Aires, wrote on Twitter.

His death was mourned in an avalanche of farewell messages and tweets that quickly started to become trending under #Quino in Argentina

Calling the cartoonist one of the country’s greatest artists, President Alberto Fernandez said that Quino « made us laugh, he made us think and he always called us to think about Argentina, in which he was engaged like few others »

People left flowers in tribute to the designer on a sculpture of Mafalda and his comic book companions on a bench in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of San Telmo

« I had to go out to do some paperwork and I thought I would come and say hello to Mafalda, Susanita and Manolito, because there are several generations of us feeling a little orphan today, I think And they are even more so San Telmo resident Damian Lozada told AFP.

« Quino leaves behind an amazing job for the world It’s love and it’s humor It’s tenderness and it’s intelligence It’s a scathing observation and also innocence, ”said Lozada

Quino died in the central city of Mendoza, where he was born to Spanish immigrant parents in 1932 and studied at the city’s college of fine arts before having his first cartoon published at the age of 18

His complex on verbal communication led him to create Mafalda – an irreverent 6-year-old who hates communism and soup and loves the Beatles – for an advertising campaign for electrical appliances

In the series, Quino reflects the adult world seen through the eyes of a group of children, with the ironic and non-conformist Mafalda as the central character

« She’s a girl trying to solve the dilemma of who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in this world, » he once told reporters

« When I was three I drew my uncle I discovered that people, horses, trains, mountains could come from something as simple as a pencil a pencil is something wonderful, ”Quino told foreign correspondents in Mendoza in 2014

Following the military coup in Argentina in 1976, the young cartoonist fled to Milan, before becoming a Spanish citizen in 1990. He lived alternately in Madrid, Paris, Milan and Argentina

Like Mafalda, Quino was an avowed lover of freedom, although he was censored from the start

« In Argentina, I had to censor myself because when I started drawing in Buenos Aires, they clearly told me » no military, no religion, no sex « And then, I talked about all this but in a different way ”, he recalls one day in an interview

When Mafalda arrived in Spain, during Franco’s dictatorship, « she went out with a group that said » for adults only « and she was also censored in Bolivia, Chile and Brazil », while these countries were also under military dictatorships

In addition to numerous international awards for humor, Quino received the prestigious Prince of Asturias of Spain award for communication and humanities in 2014

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Quino, Mafalda, Argentina

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