World News – GB – Ben Bradley defends ‘crack den’ tweets as another Tory MP launches free school lunch offers


Tory MP Ben Bradley has denied suggesting that free school lunch vouchers are « effectively » used by families for crack holes and brothels, while his colleague Selaine Saxby has suggested that companies offering to cover free meals for needy children should no longer receive government support

M Bradley, the Mansfield MP tweeted the remark on Friday in opposition to Marcus Rashford’s campaign to get the vouchers, distributed to help feed vulnerable children during the summer holidays, extended through all school holidays as the pandemic wears on continues

In a series of since deleted posts on the social media platform, he wrote: “In a school in Mansfield, 75% of the children have a social worker, 25% of the parents are illiterate Their field is the center of the regional crime

« One child lives in a crack den, another in a brothel These are the children who need our help the most, extending #FSM does not reach them »

A Twitter user replied: « £ 20 in cash straight to a crack den and brothel really looks like the way to go with this one… »

Contrary to what was suggested, the vouchers could only be spent on food products and did not send « cash » to families

Appearing on BBC Breakfast on Saturday morning following a backlash from the public, Labor and some Tory MPs who accused him of stigmatizing working class families, Mr. Bradley said the comments were taken out of context

« I think there has been a real, sort of mishandling this week, in part because, frankly, the government communications around him haven’t been very good, » he said. he declares

« But we all accept that we have to help, we all want to help, it’s just a matter of how and where »

M Bradley added that « it doesn’t all have to come from central government » and that local communities also have a duty to support their most vulnerable members.

A Tory MP said the free school meals were in fact a direct payment to brothels and drug dealers Notwithstanding the fact that vouchers in the summer could only be used to buy food, this stigma against working-class families is shameful and disgusting imageTwittercom / 0gvieYM4a9

Speaking of the vote on free school meals, which was overwhelmingly rejected by the Conservatives, he said: « This was not a Wednesday vote on ‘let’s help or don’t we help the kids What we have done is put a billion pounds into local government this week to help them target the most vulnerable families and perhaps help more specifically and directly those who need it most

« What I’m saying is it doesn’t all have to come from central government. I think Marcus’ campaign has been brilliant in rallying communities that also have a role to play in supporting people and I think it’s really positive « 

M Bradley was also challenged over his claim that the principal of an underprivileged school in his constituency « agreed » with him on the issue, after a school governor spoke out to contradict his claim. The MP said he regretted dragging the school into the row

Another Conservative MP Selaine Saxby also claims she was taken « out of context » amid an argument over social media posts

In a since-deleted Facebook post, the North Devon MP targeted local businesses that had offered to step in to provide free school meals She wrote: « I am delighted that our local businesses have rebounded so much after the lockdown that they are able to donate food for free, and I really hope they no longer seek government support. »

Unreal Now Conservative MP @SelaineSaxby says any business offering free food to starving children shouldn’t be eligible for government support because they clearly don’t need it #FreeSchoolMeals picTwittercom / zCLXhp0Mbd

In a statement on Twitter, the MP wrote: “The description of my recent social media comments, out of context, does not faithfully convey my point of view – of course I deeply regret any breach that may have been caused.

« I am proud that we live in a community where local businesses are eager to help others and it is this widespread community spirit that got us through the first wave of the pandemic

« The recent behavior of a modest but hostile element towards myself, my office staff and on social media has become aggressive and personally abusive, and we have been inundated with emails of a heinous nature

« My door is always open, but I will not work with personal attacks and threatening behavior towards myself and my team »

Ben Bradley

World News – UK – Ben Bradley defends ‘crack den’ tweets as another Tory MP launches free school lunch offers



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