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LONDON: UK university launches major study on potential link between vitamin D and protection against coronavirus

The ‘Coronavit trial’ will involve academics at Queen Mary’s University in London questioning whether increased vitamin D levels may reduce the risk of winter respiratory infections, including coronavirus

The project, funded by Barts Charity, a UK hospital fund, aims to test more than 5,000 people who will receive vitamin D supplements by mail, thereby avoiding the need for face-to-face contact.

« There is growing evidence that vitamin D may reduce the risk of respiratory infections, » said study principal investigator Prof Adrian Martineau

« Vitamin D deficiency is more common in the elderly, in overweight people, and in blacks and Asians – all groups who are at increased risk of getting sick from the coronavirus »

Dr David Jolliffe, the project’s lead investigator, said the study has the potential to help the world fight the pandemic

“Vitamin D supplements are inexpensive, low-risk and widely available. If proven effective, they could significantly contribute to our global fight against the virus,” he added.

The UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence said in June that there was not enough evidence to conclude that vitamin D supplements work against the coronavirus

Vitamin D is often called the « sunshine vitamin » because the body creates it when it is exposed to the sun

It keeps bones, teeth and muscles in good shape by maintaining healthy levels of calcium and phosphate

TORONTO: Canadian police said on Thursday they had identified the person who killed a 9-year-old girl 36 years ago – a murder for which another man has been wrongly convicted in a case that has attracted national attention
Toronto Police say Calvin Hoover was identified by DNA He died in 2015 He was 28 at the time of the murder and knew Christine Jessop’s family, although he was not a suspect
Jessop was last seen on October 3, 1984, in Queensville, Ontario, north of Toronto Her body was found more than three months later She was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death Police found DNA evidence on her underwear
His neighbor wrongly sentenced Guy Paul Morin was given a life sentence, but his sentence was overturned in 1995 on the basis of DNA technology He was paid over $ 1 million and received a public apology
Morin, 34, was convicted of murdering Jessop in 1992 after a jury found him innocent in 1986 He spent a total of 18 months in prison
Morin said in a statement he was relieved for the Jessop family
« When DNA cleared me in January 1995, I was sure that one day the DNA would reveal the real killer and now it does, » said Morin.
Toronto Police Chief James Ramer said police were always very interested in learning more about Hoover’s life, particularly from 1984 to 2015 Hoover and his wife apparently had a « know the neighbor » relationship »With the family at the time
Police say he gained access to Jessop in 1984
Hoover said they were seeking information on his subsequent activities
« This obviously generated a lot more questions, » Ramer said

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