World News – GB – Chase fans line up to marry ‘sweet’ candidate


A contestant for Chase had fans at home swooning today, with one onlooker saying it was a wedding

Health assistant Alex finished second against The Vixen, Jenny Ryan, who was tonight’s chaser

Alex, 28, from Northern Ireland chatted with Bradley Walsh before taking on the quizmaster

Alex said she loves to travel and works to fund her two passions of travel and ice cream, with salted caramel being her favorite flavor

And she’s proven to have brains and beauty racking up £ 4000 in her cash generator

After chatting with his team, Alex decided to play for the £ 4000 and managed to get him home without a hitch

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And while Alex performed, viewers couldn’t help but say how attractive they found her

Contestant Steve, who played before Alex, managed to bring home £ 9,000 to his side and Jane who played after she brought in an extra £ 4,000, making for an impressive £ 17,000 to play after three competitors

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World News – UK – Chase fans line up to marry ‘sweet’ candidate



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