World News – GB – Don’t Touch, Sergio Aguero – at a minimum a linesman touch should have been carded


If you don’t know anything else about soccer, you probably always know that this is the game where you can’t use your hands

In the English Premier League, since 2016 this included any contact with officials, no matter how light, when they contained a problem with a call When this announcement was made, the illustrative photo was of a player placing his hand on the shoulder of an official

So, with that in mind, here’s Sergio Aguero from Manchester City on Saturday, grabbing a linesman to protest she gave Arsenal a throw-in:

Would Aguero have done this if the official had been a man? Could he have gotten away with it, without the prescribed yellow card, if it had been?

We can’t answer any of these questions with certainty except to say that it doesn’t look right What we do know for sure is that Aguero has not been patented for its infringement blatant Premier League rules

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World news – GB – Don’t touch not, Sergio Aguero – at minimum a linesman touch should have been carded



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