World News – GB – EastEnders star talks about Ellie, Denise and Phil’s future storyline


EastEnders star Mica Paris has spoken about the next steps in the big screenplay starring her new character Ellie Nixon, Denise Fox and Phil Mitchell

Denise (Diane Parish) faced great shock last week when she found out that the grandson she had abandoned for adoption three years ago, Raymond, had been seriously injured in a car accident. car that unfortunately killed her adoptive parents and sister

On her way to the hospital to see Raymond, Denise met Ellie – Raymond’s adopted grandmother – although she did not reveal her true identity

New scenes this week will see Denise and Ellie united in joy as they learn Raymond is expected to recover from his injuries, giving Denise food for thought about her secret son’s future But how will his presence impact Ellie, who thinks he’s the only family Raymond has now?

According to Mica, Ellie isn’t exactly the model grandparent when we meet her, with the actress explaining that she « was thrown into the depths » as a result of the crash

« This is the family member you never really see until there’s a disaster and there’s no one else to show up, » Mica said. « Ellie is not the loving grandmother at all! She hasn’t been around the family much, like the distant grandmother you hear about but never see

« Suddenly here she has to intervene because her son is gone, his wife is gone and she is the only one left as her next of kin It’s very shocking for her »

Although Ellie doesn’t know who Denise really is, Mica has revealed that her character was not concerned with Denise’s presence at first as she welcomed her company in the wake of the terrible tragedy

“What’s interesting about the whole dynamic at the start – she knows something’s wrong with Denise but she’s overwhelmed by everything,” she says. “Somehow I think Ellie is almost grateful to have someone to talk to at this time of utter tragedy

« She’s totally alone in all of this as her family is gone so she doesn’t want there to be anything wrong with Denise as she’s all Ellie has in the midst of all this tragedy »

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Denise experiences conflicting emotions after being unexpectedly reunited with her son, but after having a run-in with the boy’s biological father, Phil (Steve McFadden), Denise comes to the heartbreaking conclusion that she can’t let Phil be in Raymond’s life and therefore decides to leave him with Ellie

However, there’s no guarantee that she wouldn’t change her mind. But would Ellie let her grandson go if Denise asked her to come back? Mica is not so sure

« It’s a showdown, » Mica said « Denise wants her son for her own reasons and Ellie wants him for her own reasons too, this little boy is stuck in the middle »

Their characters may be destined not to be friends, but Mica has revealed that she gets along wonderfully with her new co-stars Diane and Steve, calling them « those generous actors »

« It was very easy for me to slip in and they helped make it that easy, » she said, adding, « I was with really great talent – Steve is amazing! »

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World News – GB – EastEnders star talks about Ellie’s future, Denise and Phil storyline



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