World News – GB – How Chris Watts’ neighbor solved the murder case in hours


Images of Chris Watts nervously gazing at CCTV footage of himself moments after his own family was murdered in new Netflix documentary, American Murder: The Family Next Door, arriving on the platform today

The United States has been gripped – and horrified – by this tragic affair for the past two years In August 2018, Chris, 35, murdered his pregnant wife Shannan Watts, 34, and their two daughters Bella, four. , and Celeste, three, at their family home in Colorado

Initially, Chris tried to push the narrative that Shannan had fled with the children without him knowing but just hours later it became clear that he was hiding a lot more

Thanks to the suspicions raised by the neighbor of the Watts family, the police were able to put the pieces of the puzzle together much faster

In the American Murder documentary, body camera footage of a police officer shows Chris pacing a living room, sweating and looking nervous as his eagle-eyed neighbor Nate Trinastich slowly rewinds a tape

The tape in question was CCTV from a camera installed by Nate directly on Chris’s driveway

The officer watched as Nate continued to scan the footage, trying to locate the moment he remembers seeing Chris loading his car at 5 a.m.

Nate was suspicious as he noted that it was unusual for Chris to get up so early, but also that the car was not parked in its usual spot

According to Chris, it was simply « easier to lug everything around with all the tools [he] needed to bring » before his busy workday

It will later appear that Chris was in fact loading the bodies of his six-year-old wife and two young daughters

As the neighbor and the cop watched the clip, Chris’s demeanor changed and he became more and more uncomfortable

After finding a reason to leave the tense situation, Nate told the officer « he’s not acting right », while not appearing at all convinced by Chris’s version of events

Nate even replayed the video for the cop after Chris was gone and said, « Look You will see him come out and then he comes and goes a few times, » noting that Chris looked « flustered » in  » rocking back and forth « 

The neighbour’s convincing statement that Chris had not « done the right thing » became a defining moment for the first investigation into Shannan’s disappearance

Even though they already suspected Chris’s involvement, Nate’s evidence certainly gave authorities more reason to take a closer look at the husband and father of two supposedly worshiping

Nate then sat down for an interview with Dr Oz and recalled why his suspicions were raised so early

« He was loading tools, but I thought it was a bit odd because I had never really seen him drive the truck back into the aisle, » Nate explained

« The other thing that looked really weird to me was that he didn’t look at the pictures at all »

Nate continued, «  He would watch it for a second, then go back to his phone or watch it for a second, then look away and if my family was missing I would be glued to that TV 100% to see if I could see absolutely something « 

On August 13, Chris strangled Shannan inside their Colorado home before leading his body along with Bella and Celeste, who were still alive, to an oil field where he worked

It was then that Chris said he choked his daughters in the back of the car before leaving their bodies in oil tanks He buried Shannan’s body in a shallow grave nearby.

The successful businesswoman, who has documented her family life extensively in Facebook vlogs, was 15 weeks pregnant at the time of her death

After his conviction, Chris revealed that he had argued with Shannan on the night of the murder and told her he wanted a divorce. He alleges that Shannan threatened to take the children away

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World News – UK – How Chris Watts’ neighbor Solved the Murder Case in Hours



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