World News – GB – Jack P Shepherd’s ex ‘claims he hasn’t seen children for FOUR months’


Posted: 12:22 AM EDT October 25, 2020 | Updated: 12:34 a.m. EDT October 25, 2020

Jack P Shepherd’s ex-girlfriend claimed he had not seen their children for almost four months

Lauren Shippey, 32, said the Coronation Street actor, 32, broke promises to his children and criticized his decision to discuss his ‘stepfamily’ in a recent interview with a magazine

Speaking to The Sun, she said: ‘It made me laugh We are about as mixed up as a cinder block in a concrete mixer’

Complaints: Jack P Shepherd’s ex-girlfriend claimed not to have seen their children for almost four months (pictured in March 2020)

Jack and Lauren were a couple from 2002 to 2017 and are the parents of Nyla, 11, and Reuben, six, while the actor also has a son named Greyson who was born in 2010 from a fling. one night

Lauren said she was unhappy after reading an interview her ex gave to OK! magazine where he spoke about their children’s homeschooling with his new girlfriend Hanni Treweek, 31, during the coronavirus lockdown

She said: ‘I’m speaking now because Jack used his celebrity status to give an interview that paints a false picture of how he behaves

« Jack hasn’t seen his children for almost four months! » He hurt me emotionally several times I always had his back and forgave him I never, ever planned to talk about our relationship but that’s enough ‘

Family: Lauren Shippey, 32, said the actor, 32, broke his promises to his children and criticized him for gushing out of his ‘blended family’ during an interview (photo from June 2017)>

Lauren also told the post that Jack had hurt her emotionally and now she felt the audience needed to know what he really looked like.

She has also said that her children need their father and she hopes that he will come to see her current behavior as unacceptable

Jack and Lauren met when they were teenagers and got engaged until she broke up in May 2017

Lauren said she forgave Jack for his one night stand in 2010, claiming he told her the truth on Friday before it was published in a Sunday newspaper

She finally ended their relationship in 2017 when he didn’t come home one night after apparently going to a strip club in Leeds

Lauren recalled another incident when she said that Jack got home late that night with a group of friends and walked into the kitchen around 2 a.m. for the find stroking a girl’s hair

Family: Jack and Lauren are dated 2002 to 2017 and are parents to Nyla, 11, and Reuben, six, while he also has a son named Greyson who was born in 2010 from an adventure of one evening (photo from 2016) p>

She said their children were devastated by their separation and the four of them left together for one last trip to Walt Disney World in Florida

Lauren said Jack reunited with Hanni a few months after their split and started visiting the kids less frequently in 2018

She was especially upset after he went to Greece for two weeks on vacation and never contacted them

Lauren, who is said to earn £ 25,000 a year running a performing arts school, said she had struggled to buy shoes for her children in the past and had to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees

Lauren had always vowed not to speak publicly about her relationship with Jack but had changed her mind after seeing her OK! interview

New Flame: Jack and Lauren called to quit in 2017 and he’s now dating Hanni Treweek (pictured July 2018)

He said: ‘We gave him a month or two and then we made them stay It was tough at first but we FaceTimed and did Zoom quizzes so I saw them It was lovely when we we are reunited

He also said his kids immediately took Hanni away, adding: ‘I had no idea how it was going to turn out but Nyla immediately took Hanni – they both love fashion and makeup

‘Reuben liked it right away too and they quickly started asking if Hanni would be there when I picked them up’

Jack and Hanni, who moved in together in 2019 to the northern part of Manchester, met via Coronation Street, where she works as a screenwriter

Injured: Lauren also said that Jack had hurt her emotionally and now she feels the public needs to know what he ‘really’ looks like (pictured April 2016)

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