World News – GB – Jordanian boy suffers horrific injuries in revenge attack


AMMAN: 16-year-old Jordanian boy lost both hands and one eye in a revenge attack by a criminal gang that targeted his father in the industrial city of Zarqa in Jordan

Video of the victim went viral, sparking public outrage King Abdullah II took a personal interest in the case and demanded that the boy be treated at King Hussein Medical Center He also called on the police to prosecute the authors

Queen Rania also tweeted about the « How can we replace what the criminals took away for you? » How do you unite the hearts of your mother and that of your family? How do we protect our children from those who are not deterred? It is a heinous crime Our hearts are with you I add my voice for the perpetrators of the most severe sentences, ”she said

Jordanian police spokesman Amer Sartawi told Arab News the attacker and five members of his gang have been apprehended and will be tried by the state security court « A special unit worked on the case and was able to arrest the main attacker and five of his cohorts. Two pieces of weapons and sharps used in the crime were confiscated Further investigation will determine if there are other accomplices, ”he declared

Mahmmoud Zawahreh, director of the Naya community center in Zarqa, told Arab News that the shooting and distribution of the video was as horrific as the crime itself. « This crime reflects a moral decline of humanity and a sign of the increased culture of violence in recent years in our society »

Zawahreh, a young activist, said that if the financial losses can be replenished, the moral losses will be lasting “We are suffering from a moral loss which will not be easily replaced. We must conduct a thorough study on how to deter such crimes morally reprehensible in the future « 

Jordanian police also arrested a person accused of filming and distributing video of the victim’s injuries

He is being held in violation of Article 11 of the Cybercrime Law, which prohibits invasion of children’s privacy

Taghrid Doghmi, director of the Wae’e Center for Human Rights Training, told Arab News that the usual sanction in civilian courts for kidnapping and permanent harm is 10 years in prison Public anger expressed on social media has led to calls for capital punishment and life imprisonment for the attackers

Sartawi said the state security court will accuse the accused of terrorizing the public He added that, if convicted, the sentence for the crimes charged will be life imprisonment for the perpetrators. Main criminal has 172 previous convictions, police say

Doghmi supported the arrest of the person who took the video, saying the distribution of the clip is a clear crime under Jordanian law. “Even if the victim or his family agreed to the filming, it is still a crime because of the age of the victim « 

Muath Momani, director of Lawyers Without Borders, told Arab News that the whole penal code needs to be revised. “We need to think long and hard about how to deal with cases like this taking into account a mix of direct incarceration and social reintegration, to ensure that such crimes do not recur »

ANKARA, BRUSSELS: Recep Tayyip Erdogan was faced with isolation on two fronts on Wednesday as European and Russian diplomats move to curb the Turkish president’s adventurism in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Caucasus
EU officials have admitted their strategy to defuse tensions with Turkey collapsed just two weeks after it began despite an EU summit deal in the early hours of October 2 aimed at persuading Ankara to stop exploring for natural gas in Greek and Cypriot territorial waters, Turkey has redeployed a surveillance vessel with an armed escort
Three EU diplomats said it made Ankara look like it was playing with Brussels
EU leaders had failed to find a solution to the gas dispute, instead proposing a ‘carrot and stick’ approach – offering benefits but also threatening sanctions – which had failed, diplomats said
« EU leaders threw the can down the road saying they would come back to the issue in December Now he’s coming back with a vengeance, » diplomat said
Greece and Cyprus will raise the gas dispute again when EU leaders meet on Thursday and Friday, arguing that the latest escalation has demonstrated the need for more urgent action, including sanctions German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas canceled trip to Ankara to protest deployment of Turkish exploration vessel Oruc Reis

Greece and Cyprus will raise the gas dispute again when EU leaders meet on Thursday and Friday, arguing that the latest escalation has demonstrated the need for more urgent action, including sanctions

At the same time, Russia downgraded its relations with Turkey on Wednesday amid growing concern in Moscow over Ankara’s role in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
« Russia has never considered Turkey as its strategic ally, but only as a partner, » said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov He also warned that Turkey’s participation in the conflict must be transparent
« We do not agree with the position which was expressed by Turkey and which was also expressed by the President of Azerbaijan, » Lavrov said. « We cannot agree … that a military solution to the conflict is possible and admissible  »
Richard Giragosian, director of the Yerevan Center for Regional Studies, said Moscow is responding to Erdogan’s assertion of power in the South Caucasus, which Moscow sees as part of his sphere of influence.
« Lavrov’s statement … is a direct message and a warning to Turkey, motivated by a reactive Russian posture to push back and expel Turkey from encroachment in the region and to challenge Russian interests, » he said.
“Besides Azerbaijan’s decision to deceive Moscow by rejecting the ceasefire, Turkey’s determination to challenge the Kremlin is a real obstacle to regional security”

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News from the world – GB – Jordanian boy suffers horrific wounds in revenge attack



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