World News – GB – Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal: Jürgen Klopp’s reaction



Jürgen Klopp ‘loved just about every second’ of Liverpool’s 3-1 win over Arsenal at Anfield

Goals from Sadio Mane and Andy Robertson turned the deficit caused by Alexandre Lacazette’s first game in the 25th minute into a half-time lead for the champions

A pair of superb saves from Alisson Becker preserved the Reds’ advantage after the break, before Diogo Jota left the bench and stole into a final Kop-end clincher on his debut at home for the club to seal the three points

It was good It was a really good game, I liked pretty much every second I didn’t like the goal we conceded but the reaction afterwards I really liked Against a high level team in shape, playing like we did tonight is something, to be honest it doesn’t help us for thursday or sunday, but for tonight it was pretty good i have to say i liked it very much: we were dominant, we played football, we were difficult to defend, the counterpress was on top, the attitude was great and played some really good things Arsenal didn’t have too many chances but some , because they have real quality I think most of the time they spent was offside, so good defense, but Ali still made a save Everything was good, a very good performance

The beginnings of Anfield ✅
First objective ✅
First victory for @premierleague ✅
Big hug from the boss ✅

Well, @ DiogoJota18 👊 https: // tco / NTLUHbzpQn

Mo played an absolutely exceptional game tonight; I wish for him that he could have scored I don’t think Robbo’s goal was the reaction of the situation before [Lacazette’s goal], the performance was the reaction and it was really good The goal that we scored was a cross from right back and left back which is absolutely amazing I like that Diogo came, naturally played his football, tried to defend the way we defend He’s on 20 p 100 information on what exactly we are doing; we had meetings to talk about it and it will take some time Today he had 60 or 70 minutes to watch how Sadio is doing and then he came to the field and did amazingly well He scored a great goal, a great first game at Anfield He will never forget it, I will never forget it A good start

No, I was not worried It’s the situation, it’s the life of a manager I would have liked to score the first chance, take the second too, the third and the fourth and the fifth, but it doesn’t never happens! The direction of the game, I really liked; the way we played i liked it a lot We looked pretty ruthless in these situations we kept them like 25 yards in front of their goal we were there with our center halves we looked really, really good, to be honest it’s so difficult because Arsenal defend in these moments with 10 men – or 11 with the goalkeeper – but every ball you lose is a potential counterattack and everyone knows how fast they are. have, so that makes things really tricky It must be a good mix between being brave, being flexible, being straightforward and being perfectly protected because otherwise you run into one meter after the other No, I was not worried [about missed chances] Like I said , I wish it were different, but it’s pretty much my life waiting for goals

I didn’t see us being really sloppy in the defense I saw us in a passing situation or two when we gave the ball too easily which is just a problem because to outdo Arsenal you need training quite wide Losing the ball without any pressure on yourself doesn’t make too much sense, it can really hurt you So in those moments yes, but our defense was really good, really good because you can’t defend Arsenal for 90 minutes with the quality they have It’s only normal that they have a chance [and] you need a keeper for that, you need a block for that, you need all that stuff But in all the others times you have to be really creative cause they defend well They defend in a 5-4-1 until it develops then in a 5-5 and that makes it really tough And you know, a bullet to their feet and Aubameyang is on his bike and then it’s really difficult

To be honest we don’t make any statements In a press conference every now and then I have to because you ask me questions but other than that we just play soccer and want to win the matches Listen , like i said i liked tonight’s game and i also said it doesn’t help much for thursday because we have to play like that again, or better so that’s it what a season works Tonight I’m really happy with what we did but now we have three days and then we play again and then we have two days and we replay so it’s pretty intense So that’s a question consistency, obviously, but when I saw the pre-season schedule I was also like, ‘Oh, that’s pretty tricky’ It was always clear, for centuries, that Chelsea would be really strong, Arsenal won the FA Cup, so won the last English competition after the lockout and has been flying ever since so pretty much They beat us in the Leeds community shield, i said before the game is all [other] 19 teams they wouldn’t have been in the top 10 at what i want to play in the first game It was tough but we did it So we have to improve, we have to become consistent So far we’ve played pretty well but that’s it

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World news – GB – Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal: Jürgen Klopp’s reaction



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