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The last page of The Sun Monday is dominated by weekend handball nonsense as Paul Jiggins claims’ FOOTBALL united in pleading:’ Give us back our football ‘- after a penalty of’ joke « against Eric Dier capped a crazy weekend of handball »

We’re not entirely sure a « crazy handball weekend » can be « capped » by the second of two incidents

On the back page of the Daily Mirror, we believe we have spotted the first ‘crisis’ of the fledgling season:

HAT-TRICK hero Jamie Vardy destroyed Manchester City to send shell-shocked Pep Guardiola and his players into crisis »

A « crisis »? After two games – which city actually won? A crisis’? After a loss in City’s last seven Premier League games? A crisis’? After a game, which city started without a recognized striker or its best center-back?

On the inside pages – remember the city’s’ crisis’ – we find that ‘JURGEN KLOPP insisted that he not overreact to an injury crisis that tore his heart out. team « 

Well we’re happy to see that he’s not overreacting to a ‘crisis’ that deprived him of a grand total of two of his most used Premier League XIs after their win for last season – Jordan Henderson and Alisson

David Maddock breathlessly tells us that Klopp ‘won’t panic’, which seems reasonable given that there is absolutely nothing to panic

« He has two center halves and two and two injured center midfielders, which leaves the team dangerously exposed with such an intense fixture list »

Except he doesn’t So it’s not He literally has a center-half – Joel Matip – missing, which leaves him in a better defensive position than last week, when he had to face Fabinho in the middle half in a 2-0 win over Chelsea

So he can play the same XI that beat Chelsea except for Adrian on goal and Fabinho in the center midfielder instead of Henderson, with Gomez entering the center half

At 10am Monday, no one on the Sun’s website wants to talk about handball or other boring stuff because Ronaldo scored a goal (in a 2-2 Serie A draw) and he did a big jump to mark that header

« Watch Cristiano Ronaldo score an outrageous header and ‘jump like the first Jordan’ as the Juventus star makes goalscoring history »

Note the quotes Thanks to @Fotbalfann And that makes it the biggest fotbal story right now Of course it does

« Captain Harry Maguire looks slow at any pace and continues to misjudge situations, while Victor Lindelof is a worry » – Neil Custis, The Sun, September 28

To be clear, do we think declaring him « the new Rio Ferdinand » after just one Premier League game last season may have been a little premature, Neil?

« MIKEL ARTETA is putting the ‘Arsenal Way’ on the back burner as he tries to end the club’s Anfield nightmare tonight, » wrote Mark Irwin in The Sun, which is the kind of simplistic thinking that we makes you want to scream

First of all, « arsenal style », what is it? Football based on possession? Are you losing football? Arteta doesn’t put anything on hold; he is just trying to win soccer matches because he seems to be a great coach

Now we read that he makes no apologies for upsetting Arsenal purists who grew up in Arsene Wenger’s squad by putting the opposition to death « Which Arsenal purists? Show us an upset ‘Arsenal purist’ over Arteta’s Arsenal beating Liverpool with less possession (as they’ve done twice already in 2020) Continue We’ll wait

« Mikel Arteta abandons the ‘Arsenal path’ in an attempt to bring the club back to the glory days » – Mirror website

Maybe the new ‘Arsenal way’ is to have different tactics for different oppositions And maybe that really shouldn’t generate such a ridiculous story

‘Man Utd’ prepare £ 90million transfer offer for Jadon Sancho with just £ 65million upside ‘as Dortmund drama ends last week’ – The Sun

« Manchester United Transfer News LIVE: ‘Contact made’ on N’Golo Kante, latest offer from Jadon Sancho to make this week, the Red Devils duo wanted by Lazio » – talkSPORT

« Man Utd launches Jadon Sancho’s latest transfer offer and has new plan – but there’s a problem » – Express

The « problem » is that these reports are coming from MailOnline with a human-written history that does not exist

‘David Kent’ sounds like a made-up name (a ‘cod name’ in old newspaper parlance) because it’s absolutely a made-up name, used by the Mail for the type of click bait that nobody do not want to recognize as their own work

We’re still waiting to see the offer for Ainsley Maitland-Niles that Tottenham ‘plotted’ over a month ago

Manchester United have hat-trick with pretty terrible ‘warnings’ And Liverpool ‘boys’ impressed

Man United have 18 players who are simply unbeatable And David Moyes plans to watch his squad

Man United, Liverpool, Thiago (who can’t tackle) and more in today’s Mediawatch

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer won a stage of a losing League Cup semi-final and ‘knows the club’ He remains

Everyone is giddy about Thiago; he screams and all Kylian Mbappe then?

Alexis Sanchez was once the king to win £ 300,000 and £ 500,000 both Gareth Bale is even better

It’s too early to pick Premier League flops, but discount buying has already appeared

If people criticizing someone by asking when they will be criticized is your jam, then the mailbox is there

Premier League winners and losers have the same old, most hated club

Handball and VAR benefit from an absolute boot from John Nicholson He’s terribly angry

Liverpool v Arsenal have a history of late goals so stay in the pub until it closes

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World news – UK – Liverpool and Man City already in crisis mode – Football365



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