World News – GB – Quick hat-trick from Lisa Evans helps Arsenal defeat Spurs and advance to FA Cup semi-final


Outclassed at the end, Spurs Hats off from Lisa Evans The goals came thick and quick, as the proverbial Arsenal floodgates opened up to the semi-finalsÂ

Four great goals, really, defeated Spurs Some mistakes in there, however, that didn’t help

Ah, it’s just nasty now It’s four The spurs have collapsed It’s a hat-trick for Lisa Evans! Mead sends a square ball from the right and Evans is there and shoots firmly into the roof of the net Calmly done again, even though it was the easiest of the lot

It’s fair to say it’s now ‘GAME OVER’ for Spurs Decent and resilient first half, but Arsenal’s class shone here in the second 45

Lucy Quinn, one of the Spurs subs, gets a shot with her left at close range but she is directly on Zinsberger I should have done better

Lisa Evans with her second of the game! The spurs have collapsed here Van de Donk finds Little behind her, Little plays a formidable ball to Evans, just outside the penalty area on the left, she goes wide and forward, shoots through the goal and into the corner with his left foot to make 3-0Â

Spurs have now exhausted all of their replacements, so no debut for Alex Morgan, she has been out of action for a long time, however

I don’t think this will end 2-0 as more openings seem on the cards for Arsenal, as some mistakes have started creeping in for Spurs

Of course the game is not over There are about 15 minutes left and it is certainly possible to score two goals in this time It is highly unlikely, however Spurs resistance is over and Arsenal insistently and Spurs were fairly level in the first half, but Arsenal were good for their lead in this one

Neville makes the mistake again by sliding, trying to clear the ball She can only push it into the middle of nowhere Miedema picks up and plays a superb ball to Evans on the edge of the box she takes a few steps and it places coolly along the ground and overtakes Spencer to double Spurs’ lead

Arsenal with the decisive goal! And that’s a good one, Jordan Nobbs putting them 1-0Â

Neville plays a loose ball across the field, Jordan Nobbs is on it with a soft touch, she spots Spencer out of her line and licks the Spurs goalie from 25 yards Fantastic stuff

Green activated for Peplow for Spurs Kennedy, well involved in this game, enters the Spurs book

Spurs are having a harder time pressing Arsenal effectively in this half and harder to break through on the counter so Peplow is down again and I think she will come out of it. run it seems

Spurs’ peplow gets treatment here after rolling her right ankle She looks fine once she gets back on her feet

Williamson’s turn to try from a distance but it’s a poor effort, dragged away Spurs under the coshÂ

Little tees for McCabe who hits him softly and deflects just off the far post. Goalkeeper Spencer was really beaten there! Arsenal are definitely putting the pressure on now

ð ?????? @ Katie_McCabe11 unleashes a fierce shot but is far from the post Who will break the deadlock? #WomensFACup #ARSTOT picTwittercom / rOhZhaF9oO

Kennedy gives a free kick to the edge of the box, knocking down Little Danger Time

Miedema has a crack at 25 meters Not for the first time today, it’s very wide

It’s a waste of Kennedy Eight yards, totally undisputed and ruffles the head of a great corner I have to get this on target Lots of chances this half, though

Arsenal just created a few more openings here Arsenal put the ball in the net but the whistle had already been blown for a foul on Zadorsky, I think Much better from Arsenal, who lacked a bit of control in first half and was a bit disturbed by Spurs’ tactics

No sign of Alex Morgan Well she’s sitting in the stands quite curled up But no sign of her coming, at least Nobbs shoots one on the slide about 10 yards away, but it’s comfortably in Spencer in goal Big ball through by LittleÂ

Arsenal start the half with early pressure and Miedema wins another corner It’s short and it’s largely wasted and pretty early too Hate it

What will we see in the next 45? A goal or two, I hope Davison has a pop about 25 yards and slices it horribly

And not a goal in sight Arsenal hit the bar early but Spurs got back to it a bit

Just a minute of extra time Decent first half, Spurs may be slightly happier of both teamsÂ

Spurs pressed Arsenal very well here Decent play that is breaking out now, just as half-time approaches

Almost an Arsenal opening! Almost a Miedema goal on the left 1-2 with Nobbs and the Dutch international shoots wide with his left at an acute angle I was never going but good little play there Slightly relaxed in defense against Spurs

Kennedy fights on the sideline and comes out with a bit of skill before attempting a shot from a very tight angle! Zinsberger shifts the bar but it was a superb game from Kennedy and it caused some danger Perhaps Spurs’ best half-time moment so farÂ

Spurs should be pretty happy with that as they come close to half time and are good in the game Arsenal had the best two chances but there weren’t many more from them A little shirt off shooting the Spurs attack, McCabe the culprit and in the box too You can’t do that and she’s got a little luck of getting away with it

It’s better and more menacing from Spurs, as Zinsberger comes out and takes out the danger Kennedy is down in the attack, though she looks fine after a minute or so

Injury here at McCabe who got hit on the sideline, I think Nothing that was filmed but there is some blood on his shorts and the physio comes to fix it Spurs waste an attack with the woman’s advantage as Davison hits a cross from left McCabe back on the pitch

A little quiet at the moment, so here’s that first chance for Foord – in video form

ð ???? ¨ Early chance! ð ???? ¨ @ CaitlinFoord is so close to putting @ArsenalWFC forward A nice pass from @leahcwilliamson ð ???? ¯ # WomensFACup #ARSTOT picTwittercom / lG9FXzzygK

So close for Arsenal! McCabe with a good ball in, he finds his way to Nobbs about ten yards away but the shot is blocked Corner ArsenalÂ

Under these conditions â ???? as the rain begins to fall heavier and heavier it won’t be the last poorly timed challenge of this Miedema vs goalkeeper Spencer match after a long ball Spencer wins the race and recovers out of his area ball to his feet, calm and cool and handles the danger Nobbs wins a corner from Arsenal

Spurs with their first significant step in a short while, but suffocated by Arsenal’s defense before they could get a shot away

Miedema launches the counterattack before being strongly challenged a little late she cannot participate in the attack, however and Arsenal run out of numbers at the end Zadorsky is penalized for the foul on Miedema at the start of this stroke

It’s not a game that has been full of chances since Foord missed that big chance with his header earlier in the game Miedema can’t chase an overhit pass to the left as Arsenal attempt a block and failÂ

Peplow penalized for foul on Arsenal counterattack Another free kick as Graham fouls van de Donk just in Spurs’ half Arsenal is building up the pressure now, slowly but surely

Ooh, Williamson finds Miedema with a long cross ball from the left and Miedema lands it brilliantly, to the side of her left boot but not bright enough as Becky Spencer collects

Spurs are certainly not overwhelmed here by Arsenal, who are obviously clear favorites here Arsenal move him nicely in the middle of the park, but for the time being

Decent start for Spurs but Arsenal are coming in a bit now, with Miedema winning a free kick 30 yards after a ball from Zadorksy’s hand

Conditions look pretty bad there A corner kick for Spurs is no use Apart from a goal kick from Arsenal, it’s

Out of the bar! A superb ball coming from the right finds Foord’s header, whose looped header hits the crossbar firmly I should have done a bit better there, maybe just poorly timed his jump but beat the keeper Great ball of Williamson, however, with precision accurate to about thirty meters

Graham obediently pulls away from a distance at the end of a nice step forward for Spurs, rolling comfortably towards ZinsbergerÂ

Arsenal take the honors to launch the first QF of the 2020 Women’s FA Cup

Definitely a lot worse than this time last week Very windy, quite cool and with a little rain there A few pairs of gloves there

She says it’s « amazing » and shows the club’s ambition to sign Alex Morgan « Maybe it will take her a little while to get back into things but she looks strong « Â

Not too long ago, the women’s season restarted after the break imposed by the coronavirus pandemic But here’s how the two teams have been doing since their return

ð ???? ¥ @Siriworm vs. Coventry in the fifth round of the @VitalityWFACup! A North London derby awaits us in the quarter-finals #WomensFACup on Saturday ð ?????? # SpurHerOn â ?? ª #COYS picTwittercom / fFPBKc8KYg

Today’s team will face Arsenalð ???? ª # THWFC: Spencer © ï¸ ??, Zadorsky, Harrop, Davison, Peplow, Percival, Worm, Graham, Kennedy, Ayane, Neville #SpurHerOn â ?? ªï¸ ?? #COYS picTwittercom / DfNGwesyOa

The 31-year-old American forward has been training with the Women’s Super League club all week after leaving Orlando Pride earlier this month

She could be in contention for the eighth draw against the Gunners, but it would be her first competitive game in more than a year after giving birth in May Joint Tottenham manager Juan Amoros said: « Alex is obviously our player, we can’t forget that she landed last week

« She has been training with us for a week She is one of our players and as anyone can be selected to play as all the paperwork has been done We will have to wait almost until the last minute »

Morgan, who is a two-time World Cup winner with the United States, is due to return to Orlando Pride for the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) next year, but Spurs are ready to extend the deal.

Amoros added: « Regarding Alex’s deal, it’s for one season At the same time, we know that the world we live in these days is a very difficult world

« She was recently a mom, her husband is still in America There are a lot of things that can influence the next step so we have to go step by step on this case and see how they adjust to London. main goal is for her to be part of the Spurs family, she is already quite happy with the way everything is going and the club and their teammates make her feel very welcome

« Obviously, a player of this caliber, we want to keep her as long as possible. We’ll see that but the main thing is that she is happy and part of the family

« The deal is for a season, but there are other things in his life and we always put the person first

« She recently became a mom, it had a big impact on her and the family situation is a little different as well as the situation in America. Making long term plans is very difficult

« We don’t know what will happen next week So for now she’s there, that’s what really matters right now, she’s a Spurs Women player and we hope she passes have a good time with us and that she scores a lot of goals for us « 

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World news – UK – Lisa’s quick hat-trick Evans helps Arsenal defeat Spurs and reach FA Cup semi-final



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