World News – GB – The Chase fans left in anger with the contestant’s decision which cost the team a lot of money


Tonight’s episode of The Chase saw presenter Bradley Walsh witness, candidate Kay make a decision that left ITV viewers at home furious

Viewers of the quiz show The Chase were enraged when a contestant chose to take a «  negative offer  » and lost his team the chance to get a much bigger share of the winnings

Tonight’s episode of ITV’s game show was once again featured by comedian Bradley Walsh who saw a contestant choose to lose money instead of potentially increasing his bank earnings

In a move that could be seen as a game of safety, Kay opted to take the ‘minus offer’ to subtract £ 2,000 from the cash prize to increase her chances of success

However, she did manage to win £ 7,000 in the Cash Generator, meaning the team lost by sharing a jackpot of £ 19,000 instead of the £ 10,000 they ended up winning.

Understandably, viewers of The Chase took to social media to share their strong feelings about the decision

One fan took to Twitter and wrote: « YOU WON £ 7,000 – YOU’RE AHEAD AND YOU ARE NOT THICK #TheChase HANG YOUR HEAD IN SHAME WOMAN !!!! »

Another Chase fan posted: « Kay, I’m sorry my love but go in the trash #thechase »

Meanwhile another viewer wrote: « Absolutely cowardly Not only did she not add to the pot She took money from other players I’d be furious over that panel today #TheChase »

« Oh, for crying out loud she did it and they could’ve gotten £ 19,000 I’m so annoyed on behalf of her team #TheChase, » echoed another Twitter user

In fact, it looks like The Chase fan community just cannot accept the negative offer in general

One commented: « Imagine going through the pain of childbirth, only to see your child accept the negative offer #TheChase »

Finally, a Chase devotee concluded, « I don’t know why this bothers me so much, but when someone accepts the negative offer on the lawsuit, I want to put my right foot through the fucking TV # The hunt « 

In the end, the team managed to win, but with much less money than if Kay hadn’t chosen to take the negative offer

One fan noted: « It is NOT justified It should have been £ 19K between the three, not £ 10K Pure theft! #TheChase »

However, Kay plans to buy a saxophone, so hopefully the team can enjoy some soft music soon!

What did you think of tonight’s installment of The Chase? Let us know in the comments below

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World News – GB – Chase fans raged with the contestant’s decision which cost a lot of money money to the team



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