World News – GB – The Savoy was a crass, all too familiar celebration of opulence


Another week another’ access all areas’ visit to a Le Savoy hotel followed A Very British Hotel Chain and The Grand Party Hotel, but a truly telling talk of warts and everything seemed unlikely given the presence of producers Studio Ramsay As in Gordon Ramsay, owner of the Savoy Grill

Later episodes could offer a glimpse: How is one of London’s most prestigious hotels coping with a pandemic? Until then, however, it was an all too familiar parade of a pernicious French butler (Thierry, prone to statements like « hashtag ooh-la-la »), demanding butler, and a concierge with the powers of Clairvoyance Johnsonian: « I think it’s gonna be a good year, like, you know? » « 

Oddly, one of the few who did not work overtime to be « a character » was an unemployed actor Michael (Lynda Bellingham’s son, no less) had a story that left room to breathe « I haven’t been successful in a lot of things in my life, » he said, adding that As the father of a nine-year-old, he could no longer force his family to pursue ever-farther dreams His solace had come from a job offering a different kind of performance, joining the team of butlers at the Savoy

VIPs were disappointing: a non-talking cameo from David Hasselhoff and Ramsay himself, who rolled out his usual menu of curses, compliments, and tired disappointment Everyone looked terrified

The juxtaposition of inner opulence and the outside world was crude, but thankfully only occasional: « Rhapsody in Blue » struck like a photo of a homeless man cut out of the Savoy’s glittering facade; Simon DeLacey Adam, a regular guest, lovingly stroked his monogrammed pillow, before going down to the restaurant to say: “I always liked the idea of ​​going to work at Crisis on Christmas Day, to serve others… he just give them a hug « 

« Roaming, » replied his partner, touching her heart, before returning to champagne and Diane’s steak

Crisis will be busy at Christmas Who knows the Savoy and, frankly, who cares? Their hardworking staff deserved better

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World News – GB – The Savoy was a crude and all too familiar celebration of opulence



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