World news – GB – The Shipman Files: How was Harold Shipman captured?


Harold Shipman and his horrific crimes are at the center of The Shipman Files: A Very British Crime Story

Part 1, airing tonight on BBC2, tells the grim true story of the serial killer

Chris Wilson is a documentary filmmaker who delves into the ‘haunting’ story of Shipman and his victims

He started working at the Pontefract General Infirmary in Pontefract, West Yorkshire, and in 1974 he started working as a general practitioner at the Abraham Ormerod Medical Center in Todmorden

M Shipman continued to work as a GP in Manchester, before getting his own training

His nickname was « Dr Death » by his patients due to his high death rate, but other patients have defended him by calling him a « witch hunt »

Harold Shipman has killed at least 15 men and women during his 20-year career

The former mayor of Hyde died at her home in 1998 at the age of 81

Shipman was the last person to see her alive and he signed her death certificate stating that the cause of death was old age

She had left Shipman £ 386,000 in a hastily drafted will, forcing her daughter Angela to report him to the police

The new typo will read: « I give all my possessions, money and house to my doctor I want to reward him for all the care he has given me and the people of Hyde Mon doctor is Harold Shipman « 

The will aroused suspicion from the family and the police, who investigated his death with an autopsy

The victims were all found in the afternoon, fully dressed, seated on a chair, the doors open

In 1998, the high death rate among Shipman’s patients began to sound alarm bells in the community

He was convicted of all crimes, following a trial at Preston Crown Court in October 1999

The victims, although old, would not have died if Hiccup had not killed them because there was nothing wrong with them

Chris Wilson thinks people’s attitude towards old age is the reason Hiccup escaped murder for so long

Harold Shipman

News from the world – EN – The Shipman files: How was Harold Shipman captured?



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