World News – GB – Villas-Boas has suffered a rapid fall but is ready to face Guardiola


Posted: 22:34 GMT, October 26, 2020 | Update: 01:14 GMT, October 27, 2020

Long before he ran aground on the French coast – injured by a rally car accident and two deadly years in English football – André Villas-Boas sought the advice of Pep Guardiola

Then at just 33, the Porto coach had spent seven years under Jose Mourinho – in Portugal, England and Italy

But in early 2011, as the rivalry between Guardiola and Mourinho heated up in Spain, AVB visited Pep in Barcelona

‘AVB’ has long admired Pep Guardiola and the couple face to face for the first time on Tuesday night

« The meeting was organized between the two of us, both wanting to share our knowledge about our teams and our systems… both were going very well, » AVB recalled on Monday.

‘He is a source of inspiration because he is one of the few who continue to innovate the risks are sometimes not accepted by all but he continues to take them ‘

Something must have clicked – this season Porto remained undefeated en route to the domestic double, before adding the Europa League crown Villas-Boas, it seemed, were also on a high-speed train until ‘at the top

Featured as the next Jose Mourinho, AVB then moved on to Chelsea to start his rapid downfall

He paid tribute to Mourinho and thanked Sir Bobby Robson, who spotted his potential by sharing a building in Portugal First, however, Guardiola checked AVB’s name

‘Pep has always been an inspiration to me,’ he said At that point, they stood side by side, two of the best young minds in modern football

Up to – and beyond – this point, their intertwined paths Both have been framed by Robson; both visited Marcelo Bielsa for advice

In 2012, Guardiola was approached to replace AVB at Chelsea; after Pep left Barcelona, ​​Villas-Boas was on their list Even after Tottenham also dropped him, Villas-Boas traveled to Qatar for another clinic with Bayern Munich boss

For much of the decade since that initial reunion, Guardiola has headed further into the pantheon of the greats, while AVB seemed destined to be scrapped.

He spent time coaching in Russia and China before quitting football to participate in the Dakar rally It was a lifelong ambition that crumbled in the sand dunes of Peru, where he been left to heal an injured back and a bruised ego

But now fortunes are starting to turn Pressure is building around Pep at Manchester City, while Villas-Boas quietly rebuilds their reputation in Marseille

In 17 months, AVB brought back Champions League football and optimism to sleeping giants

His reign began with a loss to Accrington Stanley but since then, on a tight budget, he has galvanized a slim team

Villas-Boas took a break from directing football to participate in the Dakar rally in 2018

His human touch has won their trust, while the release of Dimitri Payet from the captaincy is one of the adjustments that have borne fruit

More importantly, Villas-Boas evolved with experience He is less attached to the rigid tactics that defined his fate in England – the high line and the press are now shifted to suit the opposition He also added pragmatism to Marseille’s offensive traditions

The man who once slept at the Chelsea training ground remains studious Now, however, he is said to be listening to his staff more

In July, he had never met the Englishman Paul Aldridge – appointed special advisor by Marseille President Jacques-Henri Eyraud in January

Shadow Aldridge was involved in the arrival of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano at West Ham and his arrival in Marseille caused the departure of sporting director Andoni Zubizarreta AVB almost followed

Eventually he decided to stay on to lead Marseille’s first Champions League adventure since 2013-14 They started with one final loss to Olympiacos last week, which means Tuesday’s visit evening at Manchester City takes on added importance

If Villas-Boas are to defeat Guardiola – and get Marseille’s campaign back on track – the 43-year-old will need to build on the experience he has accumulated along this rocky road

In England he was defeated by dogma and disappointing results Despite his philosophy being more akin to Guardiola’s, Villas-Boas was considered the second coming of The Special One Escaping Mourinho’s shadow proved difficult

At Spurs, he convinced Gareth Bale before problems boiled over; at Chelsea, he struggled to command respect from his team

Perhaps revealing of the lessons learned, it was the phone calls from his Marseille players who convinced him to stay on Tuesday evening, thanks to them, he can resume another conversation that began ten years ago

«  For us coaches we see (Pep) as someone who is constantly thinking about the game and sometimes we see if we can do the same things,  » he added on Monday.

‘There are a few managers who are a bit more results oriented there are others who can constantly propose and provoke the game and constantly dare to push the game further and I certainly include it in this list, which is not very long ‘

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News from the world – GB – Villas-Boas fell in disgrace but is ready to face Guardiola
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A Premier League nightmare, a rally crash in the sand dunes and a loss by Accrington Stanley André Villas-Boas
André Villas-Boas has fallen out of favor but the Marseille boss is ready to face Pep Guardiola


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