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In a debate that was the political equivalent of a food fight, the winner was the man who came out least covered in slop

On Tuesday night, based on snap polls and market bets, that man was Joe Biden – if only because his main goal was to prove to Americans that he could withstand the pressure, which ‘he hadn’t lost a step due to his advanced age He had to show he could take a pie in the face, metaphorically speaking, and keep his cool

He mostly lived up to that standard, although that was at least in part because Donald Trump, through his constant harassment and interruptions, rarely gave the former vice president a chance to say anything really damaging to its own cause

Twitter Trump – the unconventional, explosive, insulting, and rumored aspect of this president – was on full display throughout the 1.5-hour event Unfortunately for the president, many Americans, even his own followers find his social media personality to be one of his least appealing attributes

Trump needed this debate to shake up a race that weighs against him – and which has been remarkably stable, through economic, health and social adversity

Nothing in this free-for-all seems likely to alter the dynamics of this contest or change the minds of one in 10 American voters who say they are still undecided (even if he may resolve to never look at another of these)

It was clear from the start what kind of « debate » this would be Donald Trump’s goal was to shake Joe Biden – and he planned to do so by constantly interrupting the former vice president

This sparked off a series of chaotic exchanges, which included Trump questioning Biden’s intelligence and Biden calling Trump a clown, silencing him and asking him, indignantly, « Are you going to shut up, man?  »

Time and time again, Trump shot Biden, leaving the Democrat laughing and shaking his head

As moderator Chris Wallace announced that coronavirus was the next topic and both candidates would have two and a half uninterrupted minutes to respond, Biden joked: « Good luck with that »

Moderating this prestigious prime-time event was perhaps the worst job in America on Tuesday night

The coronavirus was always going to be tough ground for the president – and the subject came up early in the debate Trump had to defend a response to a pandemic that resulted in more than 200,000 American deaths He did so by saying that the steps he took prevented more deaths and suggesting Biden would have made matters worse

Biden’s response was to speak directly to the camera, asking viewers if they could believe Trump (polls indicate majority of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of the pandemic)

Brian Chellgren – a lawyer and a conservative-inclined moderate: It was expected to be chaotic, and it was chaotic Trump controlled the message with more interruption, conversation and control Biden has better Resisted than I thought He got a little warm in the collar a few times Didn’t see any big, eye-catching blunders I thought Biden had had a few good times where he was directing his message straight to the camera and the audience

Keirsten Greggs – Talented Recruiter and Progressive Voter: At the end of the day, the loser was really us the American people A lot of people expected it to be like this

Joshua Roizman – recent college graduate voting for Biden: Biden came out on top He came out with a strong message and I can’t tell you enough how important it was for him to look at the camera

Ariel Hedlund – right-wing independent vote for Trump: I think Trump’s strong point was when he spoke about what he has accomplished and what he will accomplish On the flip side, Biden did very well when he spoke directly to the American people but he never gave us details and facts I have to say that Vice President Biden did a lot better than I expected

« A lot of people are dead and a lot more are going to die unless he gets a lot smarter, a lot faster, » Biden said

In a revealing exchange, Trump bragged about the scale of his campaign rallies, held outside because that’s what « experts » suggest – insisting on the word He then said Biden had held smaller gatherings because he couldn’t draw larger crowds

This back-and-forth has demonstrated a fundamental difference in how the two candidates perceive the pandemic and whether the situation is improving – or getting worse

A debate format that brought together racial issues and urban violence led to heated exchanges that showed Biden was more comfortable talking about the first, while Trump wanted to discuss the second

Biden accused the president of fomenting racist divisions, while Trump swept aside Biden’s support for a 1993 anti-crime bill that led to higher incarceration rates for blacks

Biden would later attack Trump for saying Democrat-backed housing proposals aimed at increasing diversity threaten to destroy suburbs in US cities

« It’s not 1950, all that whistling and racism doesn’t work anymore, » said Biden. « Suburbs are largely integrated »

Trump was offered the opportunity to directly renounce right-wing violence – from white supremacists and militias He said he would, but he didn’t, telling make way for a far-right group, the Proud Boys, to « step back and stand by » (a response the organization later celebrated)

When Biden was asked if, as the self-proclaimed leader of the Democratic Party, he called on the mayor of Portland or the governor of Oregon to take action to end the unrest in that city, he said ‘is opposed, saying that he no longer held an elective position

Wallace had given both candidates a chance to oppose their own bases, which can sometimes be a wise political strategy. Instead, they both dodged and danced

The death of George Floyd and the resulting conversations about institutional racism and police violence led to mass protests that the United States has not seen in decades

If there’s one message the Trump campaign wanted Americans to take away from this debate – a clip that was tweeted from the president’s account even as the debate was going on – it’s that Joe Biden had close half a century of public service to solve the problems facing the country, and these problems still exist

« In 47 months, I did more than you did in 47 years, » Trump told Vice President

« Under this president we have become weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided and more violent, » he said

In 2016, Trump ran successfully against Washington and the status quo Doing it again after sitting in the Oval Office for three and a half years was still going to be a challenge, but how he could achieve it is to using Biden’s longevity in public life against him

One of Trump’s goals during this debate – and throughout the campaign – has been to paint Biden as beholden to his party’s left wing Biden, in his very first exchange with the president, presented his defense

The opening topic for tonight’s debate was the Supreme Court, but Biden quickly turned the discussion to the Affordable Care Act – which is at risk due to a case pending in the high court

Trump tried to accuse Biden of supporting ‘socialized medicine’ and pushing to end private insurance, prompting Democrat to say it was not in his plan – and he won the Democratic presidential nomination

« I am the Democratic Party right now, » he said « The Democratic Party platform is what I approved »

The tactic later reappeared, during a climate change exchange, when Trump attempted to tie Biden to the massive spending and regulatory proposals of the « Green New Deal » agenda adopted by many left-wing parties

« I do not support the Green New Deal, » said Biden « I support the Biden plan that I proposed »

Biden, singling out the progressives in his party, seemed confident his left flank would hold up when it came time to vote

When the New York Times story about Trump’s taxes broke on Sunday night, it was seen as a bombshell – the public was finally able to take a peek at the information the president had, breaking with tradition, retained for years

When the topic was brought up, however, Donald Trump offered a similar defense to the one he provided in 2016, when he bragged about knowing the tax code better than any previous candidate – and his ability to avoid a bigger tax bill was he’s just taking advantage of the law

Biden, for his part, tried to turn the topic into a condemnation of the tax reform passed by Republicans If he noted that Trump paid less federal taxes than teachers, this message – which could have been a powerful attack – was buried in an ensuing brawl with the president

If Trump’s tax returns have legs as an issue in this campaign, it won’t be because of this debate

The closing segment of the debate focused on election security and concerns – brought forward by left and right – that the elections will not be free and fair

As for the details of the discussion, if you can call it that, they mostly revolved around Trump sharing a series of misleading anecdotes which he said demonstrated that the postal vote, on which millions of Americans will build this year , is full of corruption and incompetence

« This won’t end well, » Trump said at one point – a sentiment many Americans on both sides of the political aisle will agree with, albeit for different reasons

Biden, for his part, tried to take to the heights He called for all ballots to be counted and promised to respect the election results once a winner was chosen he still had a few points to wrap up, but Trump cut him off again, then Wallace announced the debate was over

It was the sudden end of a chaotic evening that can hardly be called a debate in the traditional sense These events rarely sway an election in one way or another, and this one was a mess so confused that it seems unlikely that few ideas have changed

This is probably bad news for Trump, given that one of his real weaknesses has been with suburban female voters who say they are put off by the president’s sometimes rude ways.

Again, if Trump’s goal was to turn this campaign into a nasty melee, leaving voters alienated from the process and unsure whether there will be some sort of clarity or resolution in the end, it was an evening job well done

It comes as MPs are promised to vote « whenever possible » on the Covid-19 regulations before they come into force

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