World News – GB – Woman ‘sick’ after eating chicken says raw meat in box was left in workshop


Alana Biviano claims the packages of raw chicken were left in the workshop of a Woolworths store in Australia for 15 minutes, weeks after said she fell ill from eating the meat from the same store

Woman who claims to be « sick for days » after eating chicken in a supermarket shared photos of raw meat left in the store

Alana Biviano shared photos which she said were taken at a Woolworths store in a Westfield shopping center in Doncaster, Victoria, Australia

They appear to show stacks of cardboard boxes with packages of raw chicken inside and were left in the middle of an aisle at the supermarket

Posting on the Woolworths Facebook page on Saturday, the woman said the packages were « near room temperature »

She also alleges that she fell ill after buying chicken wings at the same store a few weeks ago, and said the photos would explain her illness

« Very worried after what I just saw in your Westfield Doncaster (Australia) store, » the customer said on Facebook

« Unmanned stacked chicken boxes, I touched the top packages and they were almost at room temperature

« I came back to check if they were still there 15 minutes later, and most were, but the staff were putting some of the boxes on the shelves

« I was sick for days after eating chicken wings bought from the same store a few weeks ago and after seeing this, that explains »

Woolworths then responded to the woman’s comment: “Hi Alana, thanks for making the contact We’re sorry to see what you saw in one of our stores and were sick for a few days afterwards having eaten our chicken wings

« We understand your concerns, especially to hear that the chicken packages weren’t completely stacked in the refrigerator within 15 minutes

« We went ahead and shared your feedback with the store management team in Doncaster (Australia) for their immediate attention and review

« Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further issues and we will try to help you as soon as possible Thank you for bringing this to our attention »

According to the Victorian Government’s Better Health website, « intoxicating bacteria grow and multiply faster in the dangerous temperature zone between 5 ° C and 60 ° C. It is important to keep high risk foods out of the this temperature zone « 

They told Daily Mail Australia: ‘We have investigated the claim and can confirm that the product was left unattended for a very short time while a member of the team performed another task

« There is no doubt about the safety of the product for our customers, and the inventory management complied with the requirements of the food safety regulations

« Many of our customers would travel with meat products in their cars longer than this product was in the workshop »

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World News – UK – Woman ‘sick’ after eating chicken says raw meat in can been left in the workshop



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