World news – IN – Donald Trump and Jo Biden, Sunny Leone says – this suspense will kill me


The US President (US Election Results 2020) election began Tuesday night with Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden and Republican candidates and incumbent President Donald Trump is in a thunderstorm The only thing that is going on in the minds of people all over the world is whether Donald Trump will once again hold power, or will Joe Biden of the Democrats win this time. At the moment, it is too early to say anything at this time Reactions are also coming from Bollywood for this election Actress Sunny Leone has also posted a

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Sunny Leone has posted a photo of her on Instagram regarding the US Election Results 2020. In this photo, she is seen with husband Daniel Weber Posting the photo, the actress wrote: « This suspense will kill me »Sunny Leone’s post can be gauged by how close she is following the election Along with people from all over the world, they are also surprised by the constant upsurge in the results.

Let us know that in his address to the White House a few hours ago, Donald TrumPp said, « The election results have been unprecedented. We are on the way to winning We have a good win in florida A large number of people are coming out in celebration of victory »Trump said, » We are going to win but also going to the Supreme Court »Talking about Sunny Leone, she made her Bollywood debut in 2012 with Pooja Bhatt’s film Jism 2″. After this, she has also appeared in many special songs. Especially in the film Raees, he made a big bang with Laila Song Now she will soon be seen flaunting in the upcoming horror comedy films ‘Coca Cola’, ‘Rangeela’ and ‘Veeramadevi’

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World news – IN Bolin- this suspense will kill me
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