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Washington / New York: Several TV networks hold presidential elections amid fluctuations in United States presidential election vote count. Live coverage (live broadcast) of the first public address of the outgoing Donald Trump of America being given for the first time after night, saying that Trump was spreading false information

According to NDTV news, Trump, in his 17-minute address, made several provocative and baseless claims that Democrats were using ‘illegal votes’ to steal this election from him.’

Trump was speaking at a time when there were reports of Democratic candidates Joe Biden gaining leads in some main states.

The anchor of MSNBC cut this live coverage and anchor Brian Williams said, ‘We are once again in an unusual situation, where we are not only stopping the address of the President of the US but the President of the US The facts are also correct’

They said, « We know there is no illegal vote, and we know that the trump is not going to win’

WATCH: « OK Here we are again in the unusual position of not only interrupting the president of the United States, but correcting the president of the United States, » Brian Williams says on @MSNBC moments into the president’s statement tonight pictwittercom / 2AliTQuSsr

NBC and ABC were also seen to distance themselves from Trump’s address and intercepted live coverage of it.

Lester Holt of ‘NBC’ said, « We had to stop it because the President made many false statements including fraud in elections There is no evidence of them’

After ending ABC’s coverage, his correspondent in the White House, Jonathan Karl, said that no evidence exists regarding the illegal vote

Jake Taper of CNN said, ‘It’s a night of sorrow for America that they have to hear the President of America falsely accusing people of stealing elections’

According to news agency AP, after Trump’s address, Anderson Cooper of CNN said that Trump was acting like a lazy turtle who knows he has run out of time and is now resting. Have been

Noah Odonel of the CBC interrupted the address, asking reporter Nancy Cordes to investigate Trump’s claim that he would easily win the election if ‘valid votes’ were counted.

Cordes said there was no indication of a large number of invalid votes and that Trump’s reference to the late arrival of votes was ‘another lie’

Apart from this, many media organizations were severely criticized by the angry Trump’s speech at midnight on the day of polling, but his address was fully broadcast.

Trump did not appear as angry on Thursday but the election continued to talk about ‘suppressing’ postal ballots and fraud, but no facts were clearly described by him.

President Trump just spoke at the White House, as key states continue to count votes Shep has the facts: “What the President of the United States is saying, in large part, is absolutely untrue” #Election2020 https://tco/E6DBt6OodD pictwittercom / HVa87qUCzB

Significantly, US President Donald Trump has claimed that if only the ‘valid votes’ had been counted, he would have easily won the thorny presidential election.

While addressing a press conference on Thursday at the White House, Trump indicated that the outcome of the US presidential election would ultimately be decided in the Supreme Court as he planned to file a large-scale suit against the alleged rigging of the election.

Trump did not answer a journalist’s question at a press conference, but alleged that the Democratic Party riggedly wants to win the presidential election of 2020. Although he did not present any evidence to support his claim

Trump said, « If valid votes count I will win easily If you count illegal votes, they can try to snatch victory from America.’

Trump’s message came as the gap between him and Joe Biden narrowed during the count in the states of Georgia and Pennsylvania The President said that he is advocating to stop the counting of votes cast late

Trump claimed, « I have already won big, including many important states Democratic officials believe that they can never win elections honestly… that’s why there is a lot of rigging’

Trump also said that there is a lot of evidence behind his claim, but he did not share anything about it.

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World news – IN – American TV channels interrupted live coverage of President Trump, ‘lie’ Cited
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