World news – Knicks’ Derrick Rose addition can force a large Julius Randle adjustment


One prominent kink to adjust his game after Derrick Rose arrived is Julius Randle.

All-Star’s potential was largely on during the Knicks’ start between 11 and 15 on Friday night in Washington Point forward. He posted a career high of 5.8 assists per game, in addition to his averages of 22.3 points and 10.9 rebounds over his first 26 appearances.

Rose’s acquisition of the Pistons in one trade earlier this week gives the second The Knicks team essentially have two point guards who can play alongside rookie Immanuel Quickley on or next to the ball.

Randle endured his worst shooting game of the season (4:18) when he lost to the Heat scored just 12 points on Tuesday. Only nine of his 37 minutes hit the ground with Rose at the same time, but during these stretches Randle scored two points on free throws and shot 4-0 off the field. « He will be very helpful, » Randle said ahead of Friday’s game about rose. « It doesn’t just give us a veteran presence, but a man who can go out there and create plays, just a consistency with him, just a trust in him.

 » So I’m very excited, I think he is will help us win a lot of games. Obviously he’s familiar with [coach Tom Thibodeau] and everything that’s going on so it will probably be a quick adjustment for him and when the news got out I was very excited to have him here. ”In the past few weeks, Randle, 26, has also expressed his excitement at the prospect of joining the All-Star team for the first time, declaring on Friday that he is open to both the Participation is supported as well as NBA stars like LeBron James, who have spoken out against the advisability of holding the showcase event, which is scheduled for March 7th in Atlanta.

« Actually, I said I understand both sides, « said Randle. » I see e the side of the players. From our point of view, it was a tough season and everyone is looking forward to this break. Everyone is looking forward to this downtime and everything related to the virus.

“I understand this side, but I also understand the basketball business and I understand where the NBA comes from to do this for our fans to do. … At the end of the day, not everyone will be happy. That is life. It has been like that with everything since the beginning of the season. Choices are tough to make, but regardless of whether we move as a unit, I will support any decision made. « 

Randle added that he was » extremely excited « about the announcement earlier this week that the Knicks and other professional sports teams in New York will have a limited number of fans playing games starting February 23rd. </ "Safety first, we want to do the best for everyone and make sure everyone is safe," said Randle. "But having fans in that crowd back in the garden is amazing and we're really excited to have our fan base join the Game comes and experienced some of the energy we felt. "So very excited and grateful."

The Knicks will return to a still empty garden on Saturday to face Houston, without Victor Oladipo (foot) will get along. First, however, they wanted to take advantage of the understaffed wizards who were without NBA top scorer Bradley Beal (rest). « Definitely must take advantage, » Randle said. “On the first night of a back to back we want to get off to a good start. So we definitely need to take advantage and have the right focus. “

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