World news – Meghan Markle’s attempt to undo Mail’s privacy defenses begins


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The Duchess of Sussex will argue that the Mail on Sunday newspaper has « no prospect » of defending her privacy claim over the publication of a letter to her estranged father to have her case settled without trial in the High Court.

Meghan Markle (39) is suing Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), publisher of Mail am Sonntag and MailOnline, over an article that reproduced parts of the handwritten letter sent to 76-year-old Thomas Markle in August 2018

She is seeking damages for alleged misuse of private information, copyright infringement and breach of data protection law in five articles published in February 2019 that contained excerpts from the « private and confidential » letter to her father.

At In a distant High Court hearing that begins today, Markle’s attorneys will give a « summary judgment » on their claim Filing for misuse of private information and alleged copyright infringement – a legal move that would resolve those parts of the case without trial.

The full hearing of your lawsuit was due to go to the High Court this month, but the case turned out to be last year Postponed until autumn 2021 for a « confidential » reason.

Your application was not denied by ANL, but the publisher’s lawyers asked the judge to look into Mr. Markle’s situation. He was “older and sick” and wanted and intended to testify in court.

In a testimony in court, Liz Hartley, chief editor of the ANL group, said she spoke to Mr. Markle, who told her, “I am one Realist and could die tomorrow. The sooner this happens, the better. However, in a November decision, Justice Warby said that Markle’s « thoughts and feelings » about the letter were « a relatively minor aspect of the case as a whole. »

The high profile case – one of several that came recently Filed by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex against media organizations – Filed by Markle’s attorneys in September 2019.

The case has already sparked a number of pre-trial skirmishes and has contained several claims and counterclaims in court documents.

Allegations in the Duchess’ original case that ANL had purposely « stirred up » problems between Markle and her father and had an « agenda » for posting intrusive or offensive stories about them were deemed « irrelevant » last May.

The offer of the editor to name five of Meghan’s friends who gave an anonymous interview to People magazine – according to the ANL, brought the letter to her father publicly publicly accessible – was rejected last August.

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But Sunday Mail received permission from a judge in September to rely on an unauthorized biography of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex found by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand in its defense. </ In its amended statement of defense filed shortly after that decision, ANL alleged that the Duchess had "compromised" any expectation of privacy in relation to the letter by allowing details of her private life to be published in the biography.

But Markle’s attorneys said she had merely told someone they knew was being approached by the writers that the « true position » could be « communicated to the writers to prevent further misrepresentation ».

The remote hearing before Mr Justice Warby, which is expected to last two days, begins today at 10:30 am.

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