World news – Pete Evans confirms the run for politics


Pete Evans has announced that he will join politics and run for the Senate with Rod Culleton’s The Great Australian Party, former Senator of the One Nation.

The controversial celebrity chef and well-known anti-Vaxxer Evans was announced in a statement by the party on Friday around 1 a.m. as a candidate for the upcoming federal elections.

« Pete Evans has maintained his principles and inspired others in the face of unusual adversity, » said a statement from Mr Culleton.

« Pete fully supports the GAP ethos and supports the restoration of the Commonwealth and the maintenance of democracy in Australia.

« During his tenure on the GAP National Selection Committee, Pete has shown an unwavering commitment to promoting the freedoms of all Australians, and as a result, he has been strongly recognized.

« Pete Evans has always shown courage to expose public information and public interest issues, and at a personal cost to himself, has sparked much-needed debate.

« I believe Pete Evans will effectively and diligently represent the growing membership base of GAP and all NSW constituencies. Pete has the essential qualities needed to challenge the status quo and restore the rule of law as defined in our constitution.

« It is my great pleasure to congratulate Pete and to have him on board as GAP’s first federal candidate for the NSW Senate. »

Evans had previously been beaten up for anti-Vaxxer views he aired on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show last May.

« I’ve met so many mothers and their children that they put their hand on my heart and said, ‘Hey Pete, my boy or little girl was a healthy, functioning, beautiful child – and you’re still a beautiful one Child. But something happened, « he said.

« When they got a shot one day and within two hours, 12 hours, or 24 to 48 hours, that little boy or girl completely changed their behavior and nature. »

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