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« I accept that the church was clearly part of this culture where people were often stigmatized, judged and rejected, » said the archbishop

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The Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland has « unreservedly » apologized to the survivors and the « victims » of maternity and baby homes.

Archbishop Eamon Martin has urged Church members to share the report and to study its contents “carefully”.

« I accept that the church was clearly part of this culture in which people were often stigmatized, judged and rejected.

 » For and for the long-lasting injuries and I apologize wholeheartedly to the survivors and anyone personally affected by the realities they uncover, « he said in a statement tonight.

He said the report » reveals the culture of isolation, secrecy, and social exclusion that « unmarried mothers » and their children have faced in this country. « 

Archbishop Martin said Church members must meet some of the » u « Identify, accept, and answer » broader questions « raised in the report on the past, present, and future of the Church.

He added that the survivors who contributed their personal testimonies to the report, » Have shown determination « to shed light on a » dark chapter in the life of Church and society « . « The right of all survivors to access personal information about themselves should be fully respected, and I once again urge the state to ensure that any remaining obstacles to information and traceability are overcome, » he said.

Meanwhile, former Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin said the Church and orders involved in maternity and baby homes should seek forgiveness from survivors.

He also said that the Taoiseach, who was over speaking to the Church and Orders that help financially compensate survivors is « the best way forward ».

He said apologizing is « very easy » but « asking for forgiveness » blames the survivors.

« Asking forgiveness and telling survivors, » You are responsible. « We need to listen to what they want for us, how they say, ask for their forgiveness and open to the shock that we do « You can meet someone on the street and apologize, and you move on, » he said.

When asked if the Church is helping to compensate victims financially, he said this was the best way forward.

« I heard the Taoiseach say he will discuss the matter and I think this is the best way forward, » he said on RTÉ’s Drivetime.

“I think I think there will be an inter-departmental commission. I think this is done better now in drawing up the program than trying to come back to it. « 

The former archbishop said it was wrong to allow the » situation « to continue in maternity and baby homes.

 » What went wrong in my church made it possible for such a situation to continue . Church-run institutions should be places where people can experience the warm embrace of Jesus Christ, especially vulnerable people, not harshness, judgment and disrespect. « 

 » Those involved have to be very clear, they have betrayed vulnerable women, they have betrayed themselves of their calling and they have betrayed the main message of Jesus Christ.

« You just have to say that shouldn’t have happened. And there is no half-way to interpret reality to justify this, ”he added.




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