World news – RB Leipzig vs. FC Augsburg 12/21/21 Bundesliga soccer selection, odds and prediction


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RB Leipzig welcomes FC Augsburg to round 21 of the German Bundesliga in the Red Bull Arena.

Leipzig has three games won in which 8 goals were scored and 0 goals conceded. Leipzig is second in the Bundesliga standings with 41 points, and they are 7 points away from the top, but if they can keep winning, nothing is impossible. Leipzig is the best defensive team in Germany with 17 goals conceded, while they have been solid with 35 goals so far. In their last Bundesliga game, Leipzig played on the street against Schalke and was the dominant team with 64% possession, 10 shots on goal, 7 corners, 4 big chances and a decent 83% of the correct number. With one goal in the first half and two more goals in the second half, Leipzig won this game 3-0. Sabitzer, Poulsen, Forsberg and Angelino have each scored 4 goals so far, while Angelino also added 6 assists. Leipzig is preparing for the Champions League game against Liverpool next week and has a good chance of reaching the top in this match. However, Leipzig desperately needs a striker who can score 20 goals per season.

Augsburg occasionally win a game but they have lost their last 2 while they have only won 1 of their last 6 games while they have lost 5 games . During this stretch Augsburg only scored 4 goals and conceded 13 goals. Only thanks to their good start to the season Augsburg are currently outside the relegation zone, with 22 points in 13th place, but they don’t have a lot of scope and Augsburg will soon have to gain a few points. Augsburg are not an overly offensive team and they have only scored 20 goals so far while conceding 32 goals, which isn’t that bad to be honest. In their last Bundesliga game, Augsburg played at home against Wolfsburg and had 45% possession, 1 shot on goal, 7 corners, 0 big chances and 74% of the right passes. It wasn’t a particularly good game for Augsburg and they lost that game 2-0. Hahn and Caligiuri have each scored 4 goals for Augsburg while Vargas has scored 3 goals. Moravek is currently the only injured player for Augsburg while Iago is still in question. Augsburg’s main focus this season is securing the Bundesliga place, and I have to say Augsburg is not doing a good job with it.

Augsburg have not won any of their last 5 games against Leipzig, while Leipzig has only lost 1 home game this season. Leipzig are in much better shape and they are a much better team even though they need a world class striker. I know Leipzig will play in the Champions League next week, but I’ll bring them here anyway because they’re looking for Bayern in the Bundesliga.

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