World news – SpaceX will launch the world’s first purely civil orbital mission before the end of 2021


HAWTHORNE (CBSLA) – SpaceX is expected to launch the world’s first purely commercial astronaut mission into orbit in late 2021.

In a blog post, the Hawthorne-based company announced that its Falcon 9 Inspiration4 rocket was departing from the historic 39A launch complex will start at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida « at the earliest in the fourth quarter of this year ».

The multi-day mission orbits the earth every 90 minutes under the watchful eye of SpaceX mission control before re-entering the atmosphere to land gently off the coast of Florida.

The Inspiration4 crew, made up of Jared Isaacman, founder and CEO of Shift4 Payments, and three other people yet to be identified, are receiving commercial astronaut training from SpaceX, including emergency preparedness -Training as part and full mission simulation.